Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sweet Ending

After sitting around in my PJs, drinking coffee, and reading the paper for a couple of hours, I decided it was time to get moving. Our apartment building has a small gym on the bottom level, which makes it difficult to come up with excuses to not exercise. I ran for 40 minutes and walked for 20 on the treadmill (approx. 5 miles). While I love watching TV while I run/walk, I can't wait until the weather turns warm and I can run outside along the beach.

We desperately need to go grocery shopping, but I managed to pull together a pretty healthy lunch: 1/2 a tuna sandwich and some brussels sprouts.

I mixed the tuna with this relish that we bought at a farmer's market in Vermont this past fall. It's a nice change from the typical mayo and fewer calories.

To finish off lunch, I had a rice cake with 1 tsp of peanut butter and Nutella. YUM! I'm glad that I only had one rice cake left because I could have eaten a couple more!