Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Love with Larabars

I'm totally smitten! Hands down, Larabars are the yummiest "health" food I think I have ever eaten. I can't believe I waited so long to give them a try! I'm officially hooked! I tried the Ginger Snap flavor this afternoon. Divine! I'd easily eat this flavor as a dessert!

Besides a decadent Larabar, lunch also included a can of tuna mixed with the best Vermont relish. I used celery sticks to scoop it up and eat it.

Lunch from above... I also ate an orange and heaping spoonful of Mighty Maple Peanut Butter (not pictured). I think lunch covered all of the bases today.

Question of the Day

Part A: What food(s) will you never ever eat no matter what?

Part B: What food(s) did you think you didn't like, but after another try, you now enjoy?


A: Water chestnuts. They are just ewwww! I think it's the texture that I don't like... the flavor is pretty blah too. Keep them away from me!

B: Shrimp. It used to bug me out-- mostly how it looked and smelled. Over the years though, I've given it another chance, and I really enjoy it. I'll actually cook shrimp dishes at home now!


loveofoats said...

Glad you discovered & enjoy Larabars... try the apple pie & cashew cookie ones - they rock!

In response to your questions:

A. I am RIGHT THERE w/ you about water chestnuts, ughhhhhh!!!!!! They totally skeeve me out... I also can't stand mushrooms for similar (squishy) reasons...

B. Carrots & Onions... I used to dread carrots growing up but over the last couple years started to love them... I could never tolerate onions until about 2 months ago or so... now I enjoy them... weird how that happens!

VeggieGirl said...

You know what I'm going to say, since I comment on everyone's blogs about just how much I'm obsessed with Larabars, haha. Glad you enjoy them!! :0)

A.) Animal products of any kind.

B.) Coconuts, beans, peaches... a LOT of foods, actually (before I became a vegan, I literally ate the same 5 foods everyday - I had SUCH a limited palate, it's embarrassing).

Carrie said...

I love water chestnuts!

A. Sardines...YUCK!

B. Coconut...the texture was disgusting. Like the pulp in OJ. But since I married a coconut lover, I have become accustomed to it.

Jenn said...

Aww ladies, water chestnuts are yummy - haha :o) Especially in stir fry!!

A) Caviar, sardines, anchovies...and seaweed! Unless the seaweed is heavily surrounded by rice (in sushi), I can't do it - it literally gets my gag reflex going (sorry for the image!)

B) I hate to say it, but a lot of vegetables. I really wasn't a fan of them (how bad is that?) until recently, when I finally realized that there are SO many delicious ways to prepare them!! I've particularly come around to mushrooms, spinach and peppers!

I'm loving these questions of the day!

Sarah said...

I have not yet tried Larabars but I keep seeing them on several blogs on here, so I must do so soon! :)

A)Bleu cheese -- yuck!

B) Mushrooms -- I used to think they smelled and had a funny texture but once I started eating healthier and trying new foods, I discovered I love them!

caitlinbo said...

a) I will NOT NOT NOT eat anything (knowingly) with trans fat in it... it grosses me out. I feel pretty strongly about HFCS too but thats hard to avoid.

b) OATMEAL! I thought it was so mushy and scary and now i can't live with it :)

runroamrecycle said...

Well.. if I ever get stuck with all those free Lara Bar samples from races, I'll know where to send them =]

a) See above. HATE Lara Bars. But I think I'd eat em if I had to. So, aside from meat/fish, I'm gonna go with brie cheese. ICK.

b) Mushrooms and tofu. I decided I didn't like mushrooms before I had even tried them.. now I LOVE them, even raw! Tofu wasn't my fault though.. someone just did a really crappy job of preparing it the first time I tried it.

Lesson learned: always give something a 2nd try!

Kath said...

Hate: Onions!!!

Hate-to-Love: Sardines...mmmm!

hk said...

1. hate: mayo
2. hate-to-love: okra- I had no idea that I liked it, I just assumed that it was terrible after hearing all the weird stuff about it...and the verdict, it's another good veggie :)

Becca said...

A. A lot of the foods on Bizarre Foods

B. Seafood and nuts I would not touch (other than pb in a reeses!) until about a year ago! I suddenly developed a taste for them then.

RSAgirl said...

A. I hate water chestnuts too. And for the same reason, the texture. I avoid them like the plague.

B. Brussel Sprouts. I think my mom didn't do a good job of cooking them when I was little. Now I love them, since I know how to prepare them.

romina said...

So glad to hear you enjoy Larabars, I love 'em! I'd take one over a chocolate bar any day!

To answer the questions:

Part A: Fish. I hate hate hate fish, the smell is the worst.

Part B: SO many foods! I thought I used to hate cabbage, spinach, chard. You name it. Everything but maybe carrots and cucumbers, I never ate as a child. Now I love it all!

Beth said...

Am I the only one who hates Larabars? They are weird to me. I love Clif Nectar bars which are along similar lines, but all the Larabars taste yucky to me.

Daphne said...

Just wanted to post two comments...

1) Been reading your blog for a few weeks now and love it - I really admire your dedication to tracking your food in such a positive, healthy way through sharing it! :)

2) I am amused because I work at HSPH too (so some of what you write is very familiar) and I think you were just copied on an email I also got; I work in alumni relations. It's a small world!

Anne said...

hate: scallions and onions!!

newly found love for: garlic. my parents don't really like it, so i never had it when i was younger. i've now discovered it's tastyness!!

Runeatrepeat said...

I wish I hated more foods. I'll eat anything.
1. But, I don't really like desserts with fruit like cherry pie or apple pie.

2. I used to stay away from spicy foods like the plague, and now I getting a taste for them. I didn't used to like mustard and now I do.

Tina said...


What a small world! Are you excited for Commencement tomorrow?

chandra said...

Hate: Hmm... I HATE mushrooms, but will tolerate them if I have to. Other than that I can't think of much I wouldn't eat except strange/not commonly eaten parts and anything that still has eyes/tails/etc... attched.

Hate-to-Love: Oatmeal was a big one for me - I always thought it was mushy and gross but now I know how to make it so I like it! There's a whole lot of other things here too - I like a LOT of foods now! :)

lighterportions said...

I ALMOST bought a gingersnap Larabar today as I found them in some little food shop and that was the first time I had seen that flavour, but I didn't because I'm not a fan of the price of those bars... and now I regret it. I seriously want to try that kind!

A - I know there are some foods that I just don't like but I'm not a hugely picky eater so I really can't think of much right now! Probably most kinds of meat and several kinds of fish.

B - Probably mushrooms. I've only become crazy about them semi recently, but before that I hadn't tried them for ages because I thought I would HATE them. You know, I think it was the same deal with avocados too. SO glad I retried those foods.

ttfn300 said...

A. I've been open to trying things i haven't liked, but i'm still not into slimy crustaceans (sp?)

B. Brussel sprouts and beets... used to have mom put them at the other end of the table cause i hated the smell! now i love beets (especially with goat cheese) and brussel sprouts are ok, just not my go-to vegetable.

Love the blog, btw :)

Holly said...

Hi Tina,

Larabars is having a freebie offer.

Just read this, send them an email with your name/address saying you
saw it on the Slashfood blog. (several people here were not happy with them, which is why they are offering the free samples, I think).

Just thought I'd share!

One Food Guy said...

Oh how I love grilled cheese! I usually dip mine in ketchup, but hot sauce in between the bread sounds great!

What will I never eat? Wow, good question. I was just in Switzerland and horse is common on some restaurant menus. I don't think I could eat horse. I would definitely not knowingly eat dog.

What did I think I didn't like and now realize I do? Brussels sprouts (love them roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper) and salt and vinegar potato chips!

One Food Guy said...

Whoops...grilled cheese was a different post.

Water chestnuts - Love them! I love the texture, and the blank canvas they are for other tasty flavors.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the masses....LaraBars are the BEST snack out there. It's like a portion controlled size of trail mix, which I have a habit of overeating. My faves are Cherry Pie, Gingersnap and Pecan Pie.

A. I hate a lot of white things (and not because Oprah said to!) - mayo, cottage cheese, cream cheese, tapioca.

B. Avocados - I used to hate them and now I can't get enough. Yet another item I overeat!

NatNibbles said...

Love Larabars too!

A: Mushrooms, the texture is horrendous!

B: Tuna, I used to think the smell was the most repulsive thing on earth. Luckily I worked at a restaurant that had the best Tuna Salad, and now I eat it all the time!

Karla said...

love larabars, already hit them up for the freebies, she emailed me back right away.
my answers to your question of the day:
a. hate onions, always have because my mom does and therefore never cooked with them and i never did develop a taste. i'll also never ever EVER eat calamari or octopus for obvious reasons.

b. peanut butter. it's still not my favorite but i own a jar now and i actually eat it and enjoy it.

One Food Guy said...

Hey Karla, why is it obvious that you would never eat calamari or octopus? Have you ever tried it?

One of the best appetizers I've ever had is at a restaurant in Newport, RI called Scales and Shells - they have an appetizer of grilled calamari and it is amazing. Grilled, tender, cooked perfectly which means its not chewy. It's just super.

I'm guessing you don't like fried clams then either, if you don't like calamari.

Karla said...

one food guy:
i can't bring myself to eat tentacles with suction cups still attached and every plate of fried calamari i've ever seen still looks like the live animal with batter on it. i haven't tried fried clams though i'd be willing to, i am usually a huge fan of seafood in general, it's just something about the squid/octopus family that eeks me out :)

One Food Guy said...

Fair enough, Karla. The grilled calamari I'm a big fan of is just the tubes, or bodies of the squid.

I'll be honest, octopus is not at the top of my like list - it's my least favorite item at the sushi bar.