Friday, February 1, 2008

Barney Butter Giveaway WINNERS

Yo Carrot N Cake Let's Kick It
Dave C.

Barney Butter baby (x2)
All right stop open the top and spread it
Tina is back with some brand new snack food
Something that I spread on my bread nightly
And when I'm done, I put the lid on tightly
Will I ever stop, yo I think I might
Read Carrots N Cake its quite a site
To the extreme I eat snacks like a vandal
Spread on the Butter and light up a candle

Eat, then rush to the nearest whole foods
It's pleasing your stomach and fixing your moods
Creamy when I eat a dope bite
Anything less than the best aint right
Love it or leave it you better lose weight
You better buy Barney Butter CNC don't play
If there was a problem yo I'll clog it
Check out the Butter while Tina blogs it

Barney Butter baby (x4)

Kristi H.

Barney Butter?
I look into my cupboard, and oh, what do I see?
But a simple jar of peanut butter
Staring back at me!?
I know it’s good and I use it everyday
Even in my oatmeal on a hot summer day.
But I have to be honest when I say.
I am getting sick of Peanut butter each and every day!
I hear there is something new,
Barney Butter to be exact,
I hear it got a good review,
But this I gotta try for a fact!?
I hear it’s kind of creamy
But I have to wonder why
This product that is so dreamy
Just came my way in July
Even Trina, as known to Starbucks
Says this stuff is good!
And, she says it doesn’t suck
So I really want to try it if I could!?
It’s time for something new,
To replace my Peanut butter.
So, here’s a little clue
To make my heart flutter
My name is Kristi
My friends call me Krittie
So let’s get down to the nitty gritty
Mal & Carrotsncake,
Please pick me and be a pal
So my heart doesn’t break!

Ode to Barney Butter

Megan S.

Barney Butter you are elusive to me.
Pictures of you on blogs I see.
In oatmeal you would be oh so yummy.
I know you would definitely satisfy my tummy.
With bananas between bread you would be so grand.
From what I have heard, you are the best in the land.
So to Mal and Tina I submit my plea.
Barney Butter for free. Pick me! Pick me!

Beth T.

When I log on to Carrots n Cake,
I often do a double take.
Tina's obsession with Barney Butter
Sure does have her heart a-flutter!
I'm telling you, this girl's obsessed,
And she's put MANY nut butters to the test.

I want some too, my own to keep,
But Tina - I'm just too darn cheap!
Yes, I'll admit it, the price is high -
A little too steep for me to try.
8 bucks a jar? Say it ain't so!
I gotta pay rent, I can't spare the dough!

But you're thrifty like me, so I'm willing to bet
There's a reason you think this is the best yet.
Send me a jar, I'll give it a taste,
And if it's good -- off to Whole Foods, post haste!!
I'll bite the bullet and purchase a jar...
And try not to eat the whole thing in the car.

Molly G.

Barney Butter
a healthy fat!
In a packet,
or in a vat.
On some bread,
and oatmeal too,
a dollop to clean
gum from my shoe!

Alas, oh no,
Woe is me,
But Barney Butter
doesnt grow from a tree.
And the money it takes
for me to buy
delicious gooeyness
does not fall from the sky.

So please vote for me,
my oatmeal is bland,
my Quaker Oats packets
just taste like sand.
My mornings are long,
me and the cube' all day,
I need some satiety
in a major way.


Simple and Divine said...

OMG THESE ARE ALL SO FREAKING ADORABLE not to mention SO CREATIVE!!! I am so blown away :)

Great choices Mr. and Mrs. Tina!!

VeggieGirl said...

Congratulations to the winners! :0)

Anne P said...

hahahha oh man these are great! i LOVE the ice, ice baby themed one. i found myself singing/rapping it in my head. amazing!

Ashley said...

Wow people are so creative! Definitely must have been hard to choose the winners- great job everyone & congrats!

Kath said...

Hahhaha -great!!

Beth said...

YEAH! I love winning contests! Clearly Mal has excellent taste in poetry... :p

Anonymous said...

I love all of these - great choices! Congratulations to everyone who gets to try some delicious Barney Butter!!

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that it is a good thing i didn't enter. i would have been stomped.

eliza mundy said...

Wow! Dave C. busted it out Vanilla Ice style. I'm impressed.

jack & ginger said...

ok, i'm convinced. whole foods is about 30 minutes away from me, but i'm going. i MUST try this butter that has you all going insane!