Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Fan of Bulgar

Today started off with a big bowl of bulgar wheat! I had never tried it before, but heard it was similar, in a way, to oatmeal, which is my favorite breakfast food. Bulgar takes a little longer to cook (about 8 minutes in the microwave) than oatmeal, but it's a nice change from my same old oatmeal breakfast. Bulgar has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor, and the texture is grainy, but also tender and a little chewy. I mixed in some chopped pitted dates, 1/8 cup of sliced walnuts, and 1/4 cup of sugar-free maple syrup. It was great! I am a big fan!

1/4 cup bulgar: 140 kcal
7 pitted dates: 130
1/8 cup sliced almonds: 90
1/4 cup sugar-free maple syrup: 30
coffee with 1% milk: 30
Breakfast total: Approx. 420

Calorie Counts

A number of people have asked if I can include calorie counts with my meals, which I will try to do from now on. Just an FYI...I used to religiously count calories when I was trying to lose weight, but keeping track like that made me crazy at times. Now, I make food choices based on my hunger level as well as my daily goal to try to get a good balance of whole grains, fruits, veggies, protein, dairy, good fats, and of course, dessert in my diet every day. With that said, I will do my best to estimate the number of calories in each meal.


One Food Guy said...

I make food choices based on my hunger level too, when I'm hungry, I eat! I have never counted calories, but I weigh myself often so I know if I need to make diet or exercise adjustments.

Anonymous said...

Do you answer questions people post?

VeggieGirl said...

the bulgar-wheat looks quite satisfying for a morning meal - ahh, you NEED to try fresh, medjool dates!! so much better than the pitted variety!! okay, I'm done pushing the fresh dates :0D

jenn said...

hi tina i love your blog! by the way, is 1/4cup bulgur cooked or uncooked? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

It is 1/4 uncooked bulger. Once you add water and cooked it, it makes a lot more!

Anonymous said...

Hi VeggieGirl,

I will definitely look for the medjool dates! I'm sure I'd love them! Thanks for the tip!