Sunday, February 10, 2008

Omelette Sandwich

We have so many leftover in our fridge, so I decided to make an omelette sandwich for lunch. I spread a triangle of Laughing Cow Cheese on whole wheat toast and added yesterday's omelette leftovers. It was a small, but protein-filled sandwich, and quite tasty! 

After doing some work and organizing my life, I had a Carmel Turtle Brownie and a mug of peppermint tea as a snack. As I mentioned last night, those brownies are dangerous!!

Around 4:15, I was hungry again (probably because my snack wasn't very substantial or nutritious), so I munched on a handful of Kashi TLC crackers, which should hold me over until dinner... I hope! 

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hk :) said...

hi tina,
just curious as to what type of bread you prefer? I've been trying out different kinds, and I really like the sprouted grain, Arnold Whole Wheat, and the Bread For LIfe breads. Which do you keep on hand?