Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowy, Snowy Day

The forecast for Boston today is snow, snow, and more snow. Rumor has it that it's not going to stop snowing until tomorrow morning! It'll be a good night to relax at home on the couch with a glass of wine and a movie.

Today's breakfast was bulgar with almond slices, a few dates, sugar-free maple syrup, and the rest of the mango from last night (which still wasn't ripe enough, in my opinion). When I got to the office, I had a mug of coffee with half & half. I'm actually starting to feel kind of hungry, so I will probably have my leftover cantaloupe from yesterday's lunch as an mid-morning snack.

Bulgar: 160
4 dates: 80
1/8 cup sliced almonds: 80
1/8 cup sugar-free maple syrup: 15
3/4 cup mango: 80
Coffee w/ H&H: 40
3/4 cup cantaloupe: 50
Breakfast/mid-morning snack total: 505

Tim Blane

Tim's show was FUN! I love seeing him perform; he's so talented! His show was at a bar, so I decided to have a couple of beers with my friends-- just 2 Bud Light bottles. I danced my butt off, so hopefully, I burned off some of those beer calories!

Tim jamming away...

Mal, me, and two of our friends... lots of Bud Lights in this photo!


VeggieGirl said...

I didn't realize that you were in Boston... I resided there last year!

yeah, I can definitely tell that the mango isn't ripe - when it's an orange-y color, soft, and super-juicy, THEN it's ripe and at its most delicious state :0)

that show sounds fantastic!

Romina said...

I've never thought of having bulgur for breakfast! What a marvelous idea. It looks so good.

Danielle said...

How would you describe the taste of bulgar? I'd love to try it! Thanks :)

Tina said...

Hi Danielle,

Bulgar tastes a little nutty, a little sweet. The texture is grainy, but a little chewy. I'm obsessed with it!