Friday, February 29, 2008

Terrific Turkey Tacos

Our friends were happy with our decision to have make-your-own tacos for dinner tonight. We used ground turkey and taco seasoning for the meat and had a variety of toppings: black beans, taco cheese, tomatoes, red onions, salsa, sour cream, red cabbage, and Tabasco sauce. I added everything to my taco, except for the sour cream. We used the Mission Restaurant-Style soft tacos, which I wouldn't recommend-- they tasted okay, but fell apart and were not very nutritious. Minus the sub-par soft shell, my taco was delicious! I just ended up eating most of it with a fork. :) 

I also had a glass of wine with dinner. Only one drink for me tonight! 

I finished off dinner with two Nature's Promise chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, they had quite a bit of saturated fat (3.5 g), but they were very tasty! 

Tomorrow is a big gym day! I have been overindulging lately and not exercising. I need to get myself back on track! 

Soft taco: 140
2 oz ground turkey: 75
2 tbsp salsa: 15
Veggies: ~50
1/8 black beans: 50
3.5 oz wine: 85
2 cookies: 120
Dinner total: 535