Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nontraditional Dinner

Surprisingly, I made it to the gym after work! I had a little extra energy when I arrived home, so I did a quick 30-minute cardio workout on the treadmill-- a mix of running and walking. After stretching and showering, I wasn't in the mood for a "real" dinner, so I put together a plate with cantaloup and a toasted English muffin with jelly. About an hour later, I decided to finish off the pumpkin carob chip muffins, which were sooooo delicious! I kind of wish that I hadn't shared 1/2 the batch with my office! :) 

Sorry for such a short post tonight. I'm feeling sleepy and want to go to bed. Good night!


Anonymous said...

I find it's fun to have breakfast for dinner sometimes. That way it's never boring. =)

chandra said...

I had to let you know, I walked into the store today and I could hear the B&J Mint Chocolate Cookie calling to me from the back of the store... so I bought some. HOLY YUM!! :) I managed to only have 1/4c so far because I'm to my limit for the day - but that ice cream is going to be dangerous in my freezer!!

Simple and Divine said...

Those little muffins look like little bundles of love to me...I totally need to make them this weekend :) THanks for the inspiration!!