Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Terse Tuesday Post

Work is madness today, but I wanted to get a quick post up before I am MIA for the rest of the evening. I have my first wedding dress fitting and dinner plans afterwards with my sister (maid of honor) and friend (bridesmaid). I'm super excited for tonight!!! :)

Lunch today: Leftover homemade pizza, cucumber slices, and carrots.

All together...

For dessert, 3 mini chocolate chip olive oil cake muffins. (Wow, what a name!)

I took a quick coffee break with a friend after lunch... D&D iced coffee with milk and Splenda.

And my stress-induced craving for chocolate... 3 almond Hershey's kisses from the office candy bowl.


Texas Girl said...

your homemade pizza looks yummy especially for being leftovers! i wanted to make some but living alone I didnt want to be eating pizza for the next 4 days afterwards!

did you ever find out if you were any closer to guessin your honeymoon location?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your blog. I found it through Kath's.
I work in an office where I succumb to the "stress induced candy bowl" at times too, and I appreciate it every time you so honestly post your splurges!
You seem to have a really helathy relationship with food, and that is an inspiration. Thanks, and have lots of fun tonight!

Anonymous said...

Tina, your pizza is making me really happy that I asked my boyfriend to eat our pizza leftovers. I go ga-ga over good pizza! Your's looks so yummy =) Have fun tonight!

Jill said...

I looked online at old wessex oatbran, it says 1/3 cup is 140 calories, but on your posts it says 100 calories. Maybe the box is different than what I read online?

Have fun dress shopping!

Anonymous said...

Texas Girl,

Yes! I guessed the honeymoon location that day! Mal's hint was too easy! We are going to Turks and Caicos!!!!


According to the nutrition info, 140 calories is with 1/2 cup of skim milk. I make my oat bran with just water, so it ends up being 100 calories. I've made it with hemp milk before, and it is delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina! I just want to say that I've recently started reading your blog and I love it!! Your chocolate chip olive oil muffins look so delicious. I'm kind of confused on what the flavor would taste like. Can you explain?

Anonymous said...


The first time that I made Olive Oil Cake, I was surprised how sweet it tasted. It's moist and sweet, but not nearly as sweet as a real cupcake. You can barely taste the olive oil, especially if you add chocolate chips!