Friday, April 25, 2008

Is It Friday Yet? Hell, Yes!

TGIF! Whew, I am so glad that I made it through this week. Even just 4 days was rough... my body still hasn't quite recovered from last weekend. I went to bed super early last night, and I already feel 10 times better! I'm almost feeling like myself again!

Breakfast was quick and easy banana walnut oat bran. Like always, it was super filling and hit the spot!

Warm, mushy goodness...

I seriously need some new placemats-- I think a trip to Target is in order!

I decided to skip out on Tim Blane's show last night. He wasn't scheduled to play until 9:30, and I really wanted to be in bed well before that time! Instead of going out, Mal cooked dinner and I baked some oatmeal raisin cookies. I found a recipe for Giant Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies on VeganYumYum's blog. My cookies weren't really vegan because I used regular margarine and eggs, but they came out great! Mal and I both ate 3 or 4 each!

So much margarine... but oh so delicious!

A sea of oatmeal raisin cookies... I ate one before my workout this morning! Cookie fuel! :)

Mal's dinner was Shepard's Pie made with ground turkey, mashed potatoes, and canned corn. What an amazing comfort food!

I ended up having seconds! Mal is such a good cook!

Healthy Good Things

You guys responded with a number of great things that help keep you healthy and contribute to your wellness. Just wanted to share some of my favorites...

  • Variety in my morning meals, always keeping my tastebuds happy, which means less "searching for something tasty" in the afternoon.
  • A daily salad or chopped raw veggies to keep my snack tooth happy, and filling me up without weighing me down.
  • Peanut butter...I need the extra fat and calories, and this guy always manages to make it his personal duty! (Love this one!)
  • Keep junk food out of the house.
  • Eat breakfast as soon as I wake up.
  • Plan my meals to ensure they are balanced, and so I never feel hungry.
  • Eating as many whole grains, organic and raw foods as possible! (Love it!)
  • Snacking a lot in the afternoon! I have a bigger snack around 2:30 and another around 4, so when I get home, I'm feeling good about going to work out. I used to get home starving and talk myself out of it, so I could have dinner!
  • Dark Chocolate - So rich I only need a little
  • Small Bowls - keeps my ice cream to the appropriate serving size
  • Hummus - not a huge meat-eater so it allows me to get that extra protein
  • Exercising on a regular basis. I find if I don't, I am more likely to eat "crap" food.
  • Always keeping Kashi granola bars, nuts or a piece of fruit in my purse for emergencies.
  • Having a treat (or 2) everyday! I love sweets! (Right on!)
Feel free to add other healthy good things to the list! I love the exchange of ideas to better ourselves!


Anne said...

sweet i made it onto the list! ;) planning meals has definitely been a huge factor in staying healthy for me, especially now that i found all these fun blogs with good ideas so i'm not bored with my lunches! dinner is usually more up in the air, but that's fine, because i can afford the leway since i'm super healthy for breakfast and lunch. all about balance, ladies!

Alex said...

All of these tips are very healthy (mind set as well). I love how this blog has such a great approach to healthy living/eating without intense restrictions!
keep up the great work!

runroamrecycle said...

Ooh I want to add in! Don't eat something just because you think it's a food you "should" have - it only sets you up to go back and have what you're really craving later.

VeggieGirl said...

The title of your post couldn't have said it any better - HELL YES/TGIF!! :0D

Oooh that banana walnut oat bran looks fabulous!!

No worries - it'll take a few days for you body to fully adjust to being back to your regular routine.

Great list!! I just follow one of my life mantras: You Are What You Eat :0)

romina said...

I completely forgot it was Friday until I read this! =D

Mmm, oat bran is amazing. It keeps me full for hours, and it has such a nice creamy consistency.

Becca said...

Yum, one of my favorite breakfasts. And the cookies look awesome!

Happy Herbivore! said...

i love oatmeal cookies. i made fat free ones for my cookbook! MM

Jill said...

I love your list! Like the treat ever night, very important!

I want to try oat bran so bad, that's my new goal!