Monday, May 12, 2008

Cavity Time

Just a quick lunch post before I am off to the dentist to have a cavity filled (bad teeth run in the family. Blah!) I didn't get into work until noon after my morning doctor's appointment, and now I am leaving for a dentist appointment. Lots of appointments today, not a lot of work!

Lunch was leftover salmon from last night with a few veggies tossed in. It wasn't nearly as good as it was last night-- it lost all of its flavor-- but I pretty much finished the piece.

My lunch from above... my orange was super juicy and sweet today... THAT was delicious!

Afternoon dentist appointment? What dentist appointment? :) I enjoyed a cherry-flavored Blow Pop after eating my lunch, and immediately brushed my teeth. I take very, very, very good care of my teeth. I brush 3 times a day, floss twice, use mouthwash, and now fluoride (as of last week), and I still get cavities! It is so frustrating!

I'm off! Wish me luck! Let's hope my dentist doesn't give me too much Novocaine this time. I don't like that numb feeling, and my dentist always gives me WAY too much! The numbness lasts for hours and hours and hours!


VeggieGirl said...

best of luck at the dentist!! haha, hopefully that blow pop won't cause a cavity on the way there ;0)

Beth said...

Ew, I hate that feeling too. At least now they have the fillings that match the color of your teeth instead of that shiny silvery black gunk!

P.S. I made the PB date cookies with raisins this weekend - you'll have to try that sometime! Loved them with raisins!

Allyson said...

Much luck at the dentist! :)

Anonymous said...

aww i haven't had a blow pop in forever... brings back memories!