Monday, May 12, 2008

Strawberry Oatmeal Pancake

Happy Monday! I'm posting from home this morning. I have a doctor's appointment in a little while, so I am heading into the office after that. I love leisurely mornings like this-- I especially love the extra time! Already this morning, I was able to slept in an extra 1/2 hour, exercise, make breakfast, pick-up the apartment, and do some baking! I wish every morning was this way!

Today's breakfast was a very, very delicious strawberry oatmeal pancake

I used Kath's Oatmeal Pancake recipe to which I added fresh chopped strawberries. I started to mix up the ingredients for the pancake before I realized we were out of liquid egg whites, so instead I used regular egg whites. Just an FYI-- 2 regular egg whites equals about 1/3 cup and they cooked up nicely with the rest of the ingredients. 

I topped my oatmeal pancake with a few strawberry slices and a large spoonful of vanilla yogurt. My design sort of looks like a flower, right? :) 

My strawberry oatmeal pancake from above with iced coffee made with a splash of milk and Splenda. 

My oven timer is going off! Time to check my goodies! 


Anonymous said...

This sounds fantastic... I just bought a whole bunch of strawberries over the weekend, this picture is making me excited to eat them!

Jenn said...

It does look like a flower - very pretty! I also bought a huge container of strawberries at the store, so I may have to use your breakfast as inspiration later this week!

romina said...

What a beautiful way to start your morning!

As they always say, you eat with your eyes too!

dc_rd said...

I love how oatmeal pancakes keep me full for hours. They have become a staple of breakfasts since I've gotten into reading food blogs!

ashley said...

Those mornings are the best! (I hope everything's okay with the doctor.)

Your pancake looks so pretty!

hk said...

mmm looks GREAT!

Jill said...

Gosh that is pretty!