Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Uneventful Afternoon

Warning: This post may bore you to sleep!

I've been chained to my desk pretty much all morning and afternoon... as they say, "working hard for the money!" However, I did sneak out for a 30-35 minute walk down to Northeastern and back. It is such a beautiful day-- I just couldn't stand being cooped up all day in the office.

Lunch today was sliced marinated chicken breast with broccoli and baby carrots.

Last night, when I made my lunch, I was super indecisive. I packed up some veggies, but couldn't decide what else I wanted to eat. I remember that we had some leftover chicken in the office from our faculty meeting, so I decided that an easy chicken-veggie lunch was the way to go. Surprisingly, lunch turned out great today!

My lunch also included a banana. Obviously, I wasn't in the mood to "make" lunch last night. It was very much a grab-and-go meal!

The office goodies never end... I had a brownie for dessert.

My snack is a piece of cranberry walnut bread and an orange. I'll probably break into my snack in about 30 minutes.

Hopefully, I'll have fun and excited things to report later on tonight. I hope the weather stays nice for our first-of-the-season-BBQ. It's starting to look cloudy outside. Blah! :(


VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, I'm sorry that you've had such a hectic day at work :0( But remember, you have a fun night ahead of you, so hang in there!! :0)

That orange looks HUGE next to the cranberry-nut bread, haha :0D

Mansi Desai said...

Hi Tina, glad to see alot of wonderful veggie recipes here! I'm a fellow food blogger and I'm hosting a monthly mingle featuring veg appetizers and hors'doeuvres! I'd love if you could participate! here are the details:)

Anonymous said...

"However, I did sneak out for a 30-35 minute walk down to Northeastern and back."

This makes me happy =]

You're gonna have to fill me in on all the secret must-go-to spots in Boston!