Monday, May 26, 2008

Wine and Cheese Themed Shower

My wedding shower was amazing! It surpassed all of my expectations and more! My sister (my maid of honor) and my mom (with the help of my godmother and grandmother) went above and beyond to make my shower a very special event for me. The shower guests joked that my sis and mom should go into party planning! The event looked like it was professionally planned with the decor, presentation, and extreme attention to detail! It was impressive! 

I have so much to say about the shower, but I also want to enjoy my Memorial Day outside in the sunshine, so here's a quick recap of the shower...

My aunt, Linda bought this cake for the shower... gorgeous, right? The frosting on top says "Best Wishes Tina & Mal." Inside was vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and more frosting! 

The favors for the shower were wine glasses with "Mal and Tina July 12th, 2008" engraved on them and chocolate truffles inside made by my aunts, Amy and Peggy. (My aunts have their own homemade chocolate business called Amy's Chocolates.) I LOVE these favors! There were a couple of wine glasses left over, so Mal and I have our own pair.

Here's the sea of shower gifts... let's just say, I think our registries are officially empty now! 

The food at the shower was out of control (in a good way)! There was sooooo much delicious food! Unfortunately, I was so busy chatting with everyone, I didn't get to try too much of it. 

These are date-nut cream cheese mini sandwiches and banana nut peanut butter mini sandwiches. 

Cheese tortillini and basil skewers...

Goat cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes with bail and a plate of cheddar, brie, and goat cheese in the background-- there was every type of cheese imaginable at the shower! My sister said she purchased 10 different kinds! 

Hawaiian chicken and pineapple skewers... check out the framed wine description in the background. My sister made one of these for each wine available at the party. How fancy! 

I had a chance to munch on a couple of these "Cheese Pinwheels." My aunt made these and said that the recipe is simple to make. I NEED to get it from her! The Cheese Pinwheels complemented the wine nicely! 

Here's a shot of one of the tables... there were 4 huge tables of food, wine, and desserts at the shower! 

More food and wine...

Bride and groom wine bottles... my sister made sure that the groom was a little bit "taller" than the bride. 

Here's another shot of the framed wine description. At the shower, guests sampled 3 different red and 3 different white wines. 

Mmmm... more cheese... this time with grapes and blackberries. Olives and stuffed mushrooms were also served (you can see parts of those dishes in this photo). 

Some of my girlfriends and me at the shower (my sis is on the far right). 

The fam (left to right): Peggy (my aunt), Linda (my aunt), my sister, my grandmother, me, Jane (my aunt), my mom, and Mal's step-mom. 

My friend, Pam and I at the shower... we were roommates for many years and have had lots of adventures together! 

The bachelorette crew with our limo! The limo picked us up after the shower and drove us into Boston for a night of fun! More about the bachelorette later today! We had a blast!!!!! :)


VeggieGirl said...

Oh my goodness, that cake is BEYOND gorgeous; and I love the little bride & groom wine bottles, haha - too cute :0)

SO glad that you enjoyed the wedding shower - I can't wait to read about the bachelorette party! :0)

Janna said...

what a great party!!
ps. those shoes look super cute with your dress

loveofoats said...

awww that shower looks absolutely amazing! kudos to your fam for doing an excellent job :)

SawSaw said...


What a beautiful event! I can tell that you are surrounding by such warmth and love--I mean the attention to detail says it all!! Your wedding is going to be well, I can't say beautiful again, so whimsically grand?? I imagine that getting married is even more special when you realize how many people support love and care for you through these family events! Congrats girl!!


lighterportions said...

WOW what an amazing shower. Everything looks completely perfect! The food, the decor, everything! So lovely :)

Becca said...

Wow, they did a beautiful job on your shower from the cake to the food to the wine! You look gorgeous as well!

Jessica said...

Wow, what a killer shower! Glad you had such a wonderful time and you look beautiful in all the photos too!

PS said...

Please share the cheese pinwheels recipe when you can! Looks delicious. Thanks!