Monday, May 26, 2008

Mal's Birthday Dinner

I'm back! And I've got lots to catch up on! Happy Memorial Day!

Mal's birthday dinner was fun! For his birthday, Mal invited a couple of friends to his parents house and the 6 of us ordered food from Bamboo, an Asian cuisine and sushi restaurant. From the menu, we ordered spicy tuna maki, beef and broccoli, spring rolls, gyoza, beef skewers, pork fried rice, noodles, and crab rangoons.

Here's my plate... I actually ended up eating 4 pieces of sushi. Spicy tuna maki is my favorite!

Here's Funfetti cake #2. Mal was psyched!

Here's the birthday boy cutting his cake. Of course, I enjoyed a piece of Funfetti cake. Yum!

My drink of choice for the evening was a mixture that Mal's step-mom created: Pomegranate juice with soda water (or other sparkling water) and a little Lemonade Crystal Light. The approximate measurements are: 1/3 pomegranate juice, 2/3 soda water, spoonful of Lemonade Crystal Light. Sooooo good! It's the perfect summer drink!

Lots more coming this morning-- shower and bachelorette!!! :)

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VeggieGirl said...

Happy Memorial Day!! So glad that Mal's birthday dinner was delicious; and hooray for another Funfetti cake!! Looks wonderful! :0)