Sunday, June 1, 2008

Best Day Ever

What a day! I'm not gonna lie-- it was probably the best Sunday of 2008 for me! The entire day was excellent! :) 

After doing some errands around the apartment, Mal and I hit the gym for a quick work out. I lifted my shoulders and chest, and ran 4 miles in 33:00, which is fast for me! I was feeling good! After a shower and making lunch, we headed down to the SOWA Open Market, which was super cute and very "girly" (according to Mal). Many of the vendors sold handcrafted purses, bags, jewelry, home furnishings, kitchen accessories, and beauty products (lotions, soaps, etc.), so I guess Mal was right... the market was a tad on the "girly" side. Of course, I had a wonderful time browsing and checking everything out. I didn't end up buying anything at the market, but once I am feeling "rich," I am totally going back to buy one of those handcrafted bags! They were so adorable! 

I prepared a lunch "to go" before heading to the SOWA. I made a smoothie with a banana, wheat germ, milk, and a Brown Cow summer fruits- flavored yogurt. I also had a 1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat. If ya didn't notice, today's lunch was almost exactly the same as yesterday's. The smoothie-PB&J combination was delicious and filled me up both days! I highly recommend this combo as a quick and easy meal. :)

After the SOWA market, Mal and I wandered around the South End for a couple of hours-- we did a lot of walking today. On our walk, we came across this little "urban" market called, Foodie's. Foodie's mostly sells gourmet foods, but has a few everyday items mixed in. It reminded me a small Whole Foods or Dean & Deluca. I ended up buying some vanilla hemp milk, which is not easy to find where I live. 

After walking and walking and walking, we decided to take a break at an outdoor cafe/bakery called the South End Buttery. The place reminded me of the cafes in Greenwich Village in New York City. I loved it! Mal and I sat outside and enjoyed a chocolate croissant (it was super buttery and amazing!) and 2 raspberry iced teas. It was a such a beautiful day to relax at an outdoor cafe! 

While relaxing at the South End Buttery, Mal received a call from our friend, Aimee (Aim, this is the blog!), who invited us down to Marina Bay for some drinks on the boardwalk. We met Aimee and her friend, Amy (yep, Aimee and Amy) at Skyline in Marina Bay.

For my drink, I originally ordered a margarita on the rocks, but it was horrible!! It was ALL sour mix! I'm usually pretty easy-going when I go to restaurants-- I don't tend to complain about the food and drink... unless it is terrible, like this margarita! Actually, it wasn't even a margarita-- it was basically limeade! Ewwwww! Anyway, I sent it back and ordered a Miller Chill beer, which was much better! The four of us also ordered a fried calamari and jalapeno appetizer to share. The fried jalapenos were awesome-- I definitely ate most of them!

After a few hours at Marina Bay (and a lot of sun!), Mal and I headed home an enjoyed dinner on our porch. We ate leftovers from last night and some wine. I also had a small side salad with the homemade Classic Dijon Dressing that I made last night. 

What a day! It was fun-filled, but I am definitely ready for bed! I'm pooped! Good night!!!


VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, such a fun day you had!! I LOVE open markets :0)

Your leftovers are so elegantly plated - looks delectable!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening :0)

Becca said...

What a fantastic day! You must be exhausted after all that fun though!

hk said...

so fun, I'm going to have to find that SOWA fair myself...totally hadn't heard of it :) glad it was a great day, the weather here in BOS was PERFECT :)