Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day All to Myself

Mal's bachelor party is today (and tonight)! He and all of his buddies just left for Foxwoods for a day of golf, followed by drinking, gambling, and likely lots of shenanigans! Mal has the best group of guys friends, so I'm not worried at all about what they have planned for the bachelor party. I'm actually super excited for them-- they are going to have a blast! I hope they take lots of pictures! :)

My morning started with 6 (stinky) boys sleeping in my living room. They were awake, showered, and ready to go around 10:00, so once they left I made myself some breakfast.

Breakfast was a big, creamy, sweet bowl of banana oatmeal topped with almond slices. I used Living Harvest vanilla hemp milk, which plumped-up my oats and made them really smooth.

The guys wanted Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast. I'm not a fan of D&D's breakfast options, so I passed, but asked them to grab me an iced coffee. I'm still savoring this baby!

Friday Happy Hour

Happy Hour after work yesterday was great! I met my friends Beth and Adrienne down in Faneuil Hall at Ames Plow, where we sat outside, caught up, and enjoyed some beers. Beth recently bought a house with her boyfriend, so it was exciting to hear all about it from her! Congrats, Bethy!

My beer was a Sam Summer...

The three of us spent about an hour and a half at Ames Plow before Beth's mom invited us to her company's "team building" event at The Living Room. Her company had ordered a ton of food and had an open tab for the night, so of course, we decided to take advantage of their generosity. :)

The Living Room

I still kind of feel funning whipping out my camera and taking photos of food, especially around people I have never met, so I only took a few shots of the appetizers, which became my dinner for the evening. (Sorry the photos uploaded so weird. Not sure what happened?)

First up, jumbo breaded shrimp... these were amazing! The breading had some sort of seasoning in it, but I couldn't quite place it-- it was sort of garlic-y, sort of smoky/BBQ. The dipping sauce was honey mustard, but I ate my shrimp without it. I ate 4 of these guy! Delish!

Next up: prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. Yum! I ate 2, sans dipping sauce... sometimes good food doesn't need the extra flavor (and calories!) I also ate a couple of mini-crab cakes and a sweet goat cheese nut ball. All of the apps were wonderful!

While at the Living Room, we enjoyed a number of free drinks. I drank a glass of pinot grigio, and 2 glasses of champagne. (Love champagne!)


I'm excited to have a day all to myself. My life has been go-go-go lately with work and the wedding, so I am looking forward to getting my life in order. I have quite a few "organization" projects planned for today. I love organization-- I'm such a mega neat-freak! Happy Saturday, all! Be back later this afternoon.


VeggieGirl said...

Be sure to FULLY enjoy your day to yourself!! Have fun!! :0)

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