Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

The day started with a big old Sunday morning brunch. Our friends from DC spent the night after the concert, so Mal and I decided to cook for them.

Brunch included smoothies with fresh strawberries, banana, Stonyfield vanilla yogurt, milk and ice. We ran out of strawberries, so Mal and our friends got the first batch of smoothies.

My smoothie was a mix of mango, milk, and lemon-flavored Stonyfield yogurt. I'm not really a fan of lemon-flavored yogurt (I probably grabbed it thinking it was vanilla), but the combo of mango-lemon was very refreshing.

Brunch also included egg whites with Gruyere cheese and an English muffin with strawberry-rhubarb jam...

and an iced coffee with hemp milk and Splenda.

Concert Recap

The Tom Petty concert was such a blast! I hadn't been to a concert since last summer, and I forgot how enjoyable they are! I danced so much!

We ate a late lunch, so by the time the concert started, it was way past dinner time, and I was starving. Having limited options, I munched on over-priced, unhealthy concert food. It really wasn't that tasty at all, but I was famished!

Nachos with salsa and cheese...

Mal shared a piece of his big pretzel with me-- I dipped it in the warm, weird cheese dip.

We also enjoyed a beer at the concert...

The concert stage was so awesome! Petty played a ton of crowd-favorites! I had such a fun time singing along.


We had gorgeous weather for our pre-concert tailgate. Boy, do I love tailgating! I love the relaxing atmosphere, upbeat vibe, and of course, the food!

Tailgating snacks...

Lay's Wavy Chips...

and Heluva Good Onion Dip. I probably ate about 10-15 chips with dip. So yum! Junk food is the best on special occasions like tailgating! :)

My friend, Marie and I tried a new beverage called Fizzy Lizzy before the concert. Fizzy Lizzy is an all-natural juice spritzer made with real whole fruit juice and sparkling water. They don't include any junk-- no extra sugar or corn syrup like some other carbonated beverages. Fizzy Lizzy comes in 8 flavors, including Lone Star Grapefruit, Costa Rican Pineapple, Pacific Raspberry Lemon, Gulf Coast Tangerine, and Red Hill Pomegranate. Marie and I shared the Lone Star Grapefruit and the Gulf Coast Tangerine. Both flavors were AMAZING! They were so light and refreshing with a ton of flavor, but a real, natural flavor, not at all artificial. The Fizzy Lizzy drinks tasted like homemade juice spritzers that you would make yourself. And the best part, each bottle only has around 100 calories. I'm newly obsessed with these drinks!

Mal and me at the tailgate, enjoying a couple of beers...

Lunch was a grilled cheeseburger on a bun with ketchup and relish. Amazing! I love, love, love burgers on the grill!

Lots of Sunday things to do today! Be back for dinner!


VeggieGirl said...

Glad to read that the concert was fun - the brunch looks like it was great as well!

Janna said...

cute dress (shirt?) !

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mealsfromthegirlinthelittleblackdress said...

Tina, I totally understand the predicament of being at a venue left starving and there is nothing to eat but junk. Sometimes you just have to eat it. I also think Lay's and onion dip sounds great- if you basically never eat stuff like that, once in a blue moon it can be a real treat.

So glad you enjoyed the concert- I love seeing how happy and energetic you lovebirds are so close to the wedding. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Your healthy habits will show through on your wedding day when you absolutely glow!!!

chandra said...

It looks like you had SO much fun!! I love tailgating too. :)

And by the way - you look GORGEOUS!

glidingcalm said...

i love both of your brown shirts!

let's go celtics!