Saturday, June 14, 2008

Party Pooper/Ready to Party

Good morning, blogworld! Happy weekend to you all! 

My Saturday started bright and early with a 5 mile run, followed by an amazing breakfast at the Wheelhouse Diner. I've posted about the Wheelhouse in the past-- it's quite the hidden gem! The diner has so much charm-- and the staff is super friendly, the service is fast, and the food is easily the best diner food in the area. 

Here's a pic of my "Wheelie," an egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. These are amazing, and cost less than $2 each. (FYI-- these Wheelies are not low-calorie/low-fat at all; each part is throughly fried... and delicious!) 

Homefries on the side... I topped mine with ketchup and Tabasco. 

Iced coffee with half and half and Splenda...

Before my run this morning, I snacked on a Nature's Choice blueberry cereal bar. It was yummy, but way too small-- I finished it in 3 bites! Surprisingly, it did hold me over until breakfast. 

Party Pooper

Last night, I was a party pooper. My Happy Hour plans fell through and our hometown friends were late getting to Marina Bay. I was also really tired, which obviously didn't help my mood. I was cranky pants! 

Mal, my sister, our friend, Josh, and I hung out at our apartment for a couple of hours before heading to Marina Bay-- we ate dinner and drank a few beers. For dinner, I ate a veggie burger with cheese and buffalo sauce on an English muffin (sorry no photo). I also drank 2 Blue Moon beers.

Since our friends were running late, we decided to head down to Marina Bay with out them. By the time we got there, I wasn't in the mood to hang out at a noisy bar. I enjoyed part of a Corona at the Waterclub, but after about an hour, I was ready to go home. Luckily, my sister wanted to leave as well, so she gave me a ride home. Mal and Josh, however, were ready to party! They stayed at Marina Bay to wait for our friends. The 5 of them came home around 1:00 am last night, then stayed up until 4 am playing Rock Band! Thankfully, I slept through the whole thing! 

Here we are at the Waterclub last night... can you tell that I wasn't psyched to be out? My smile looks kind of fake. 

I am in a MUCH better mood today. I am ready for sunshine, tailgating, good friends, and Tom Petty! We're heading down to the concert venue pretty soon, and I've got lots to do still. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! :)


loveofoats said...

your breakfast looks so yummy... occasional splurges at places like that are SO worth it :)

have tons of fun at tom petty, i'm so jealous, it sounds like a great time!! he's awesome!

VeggieGirl said...

What a cute-looking diner!! :0)

Oooh, sounds like you have an exciting day/night planned - enjoy!!

Sarah said...

Aww, no party pooper! :-)

I am the SAME WAY. I really hate it when people are late. I'm one of those punctual people that can't understand why others are always behind. :-P

I love eggy sandwiches like that, looks tasty!

foodfashionlife said...

Ahh I am SO craving diner food right now :P

Anonymous said...

Happy SUNDAY coming atcha.

Today *I* shall run ;)