Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

PLEASE can the weekend start already?! I am so antsy to get the heck out of work! I have so many fun plans on the agenda for the weekend! I don't want to be chained to my desk anymore!

Weekend agenda: After work, I'm meeting up with my good friend, Carole from Santa Barbara for Happy Hour. After some food and drinks, I'm heading down to Marina Bay to meet up with some friends from my (and Mal's) hometown. We haven't seen them in a couple of months, so I'm excited to catch up. Saturday afternoon, we are heading down to tailgate and see Tom Petty in concert! I'm super psyched for the show! Then on Sunday, we are hanging out with our friends from Washington, DC-- probably doing brunch or something low-key like that. So, do you understand why I want to get this weekend started so badly?!?

Lunch this afternoon was leftovers from last night's dinner, minus the scallops (because we ate them all). Also with lunch, I ate a Ginger Snap Larabar. I think this flavor is my favorite. Delish!

Afternoon Snack

The free food is endless at HSPH! In a couple of hours, my afternoon snack will be a raisin bran muffin. I've been really into muffins lately, haven't I?

I'm out at 4:00 today (summer hours)! Let's hope I make it until then! Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy it!


MizFit said...

here's to summer hours AND the fact that you appear to have far more of a like than do it.

livin' vicariously,


glidingcalm said...

im ALWAYS into muffins. so yummy

VeggieGirl said...

Larabar!! Yum.

Hang in there!! The weekend will be here soon :0)

Janna said...

Hey Tina,
i've been readin the blog for a while now, but I can't really figure out, what exactly is your job? I was just curious. It seems like you have a desk job, what are some things you do to take little breaks from sitting at a desk all day (correct me if I'm wrong about you having a desk job). thanks!

Tina said...


I work in general administration at Harvard. It's a desk job for the most part-- coordinating events/workshops, managing our websites, advising students, tracking data, auditing degrees, etc. To tell you the truth, my job changes every day. It's usually pretty interesting though!

Bree said...

Hi Tina,
You have inspired me to branch out of my Larabar comfort zone & try gingersnap - I love the cocoa mole. I am saving it for a treat on Monday when I pull an 18 hour day! Have a great weekend!

Danielle said...

Hope your weekend's already began! You always deserve a break, it really seems like you work hard during the week and you always keep up with the blog so well... we really appreciate it. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with everything for the next few weeks. I'm going to have to leave the blogosphere for a little while with the beginning of my study abroad trip, I hope to make it back before your nuptials... if not, congratulations :)

Janna said...

Your job sounds pretty cool. Just wanted to say thanks for answering my questions and keep doing such a great job on the blog, i love it!

Erin said...

Lol, I can't access your blog from work anymore! Apparently the reason is "pornography". Computers can be so dumb!

I have been craving muffins for breakfast lately.

Anne said...

two things:

1) i went to the tom petty concert here in d.c. last weekend! it was really fun, but it was during the insane heat wave, so the tailgate and concert was so ridiculously hot and sweaty it was kind of gross. hope you guys have better weather! it was a good show and fun to tailgate :)

2) you HAVE to try the apple pie larabars if you haven't yet. they are my fave!! ginger snap is definitely tasty though, too :)

Becca said...

Hope you had fun at the concert, I saw Tom Petty a few years ago, it was great!

dessertobsessed said...

i have been so addicted to larabars lately! have you ever had the one that tastes like apple pie? love it!!