Friday, June 13, 2008

Liquid Breakfast

This morning, Mal was up bright and early at 5:00 am to play golf with some of his coworkers before work. When his alarm went off, I figured I might as well get my day started too. Surprisingly, I wasn't really tired, and I ended up having a great workout this morning. I lifted my back and biceps then ran 4 miles on the treadmill. A good start to a Friday!

Before the gym, I fueled-up with a piece of mango bread and a huge glass of ice water.

After the gym and a shower, I wasn't very hungry, but I knew that I should eat something for breakfast. (Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!) I whipped together a smoothie with a banana, strawberries, dates, wheat germ, milk, and...

a packet of Luna Sport Recovery Smoothie in the dark chocolate flavor. According to the website, Luna Sport is "an entirely new product line dedicated to the nutritional needs of female athletes." The Recovery Smoothie is meant to be consumed immediately after exercising to help rebuild muscle and increases the amount of carbohydrate that your body will absorb (versus taking carbohydrates alone). With only 120 calories per serving and 8 grams of whey protein, it's a delicious treat following a workout. The chocolate flavor is not bad-- it's not a rich chocolate taste, but it added some yummy, sweet chocolate-ness to my smoothie.

After drinking my smoothie, I made an iced coffee to go. Today's additions were vanilla hemp milk and 1/2 packet of Splenda. It sort of tasted like chocolate milk again!

I'm not sure if my liquid breakfast will hold me over until lunch. My stomach is much more used to solid breakfast foods, but the smoothie had quite a bit of protein in it, so it has the potential!

TGIF! I can't wait to get the weekend started! :)


VeggieGirl said...

Glad that your Friday is off to such a wonderful start - keep it up!! :0)

Erica said...

Thanks for writing about the smoothies! I am going to give them a try!