Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Packing Problems

Does anyone else have major problems packing for a trip? Mal and I are only going to Vermont for 3.5 days, and it took me about an hour to pack! I kept trying to plan outfits, but then I would worry about the weather and the "appropriateness" of the clothing that I was selecting. I have an idea what is on the agenda for the long weekend, but our plans range from spending the day at the beach (and/or on a boat) to hiking to going out on the town, which means lots of outfit possibilities... and a lot of shoes! Shoes take up so much space, especially sneakers! Jeez. I have no idea how I am going to mange to pack for the honeymoon! My life is so hard! :) 

Anyway, on to dinner...

Dinner was a spinach salad with leftover pad thai veggies and a little balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. 

I munched on my salad while sitting on our balcony and reading the newest issue of Shape magazine. I love laid-back summer nights like these!

After packing, I made myself a delicious sweet snack-- an English muffin with peanut butter and butterscotch chips (surprise!) and strawberries on the side. 

I still need to do a few things (wedding stuff included) before our trip to VT tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure how late I will be up, but I am thinking about skipping the gym tomorrow morning. We'll see. 

Good night, all!


Catherine said...

Haha! Your packing comments made me laugh. :) I tend to do most of my packing-obsessing beforehand, in the form of major list making, list revising, and list editing. :) I've learned to just keep a running list on my computer, so I don't waste so much paper!

AND, I have a rule when I travel -- absolutely no more than two pairs of shoes. (The ones on my feet, and the ones in the suitcase, and only those if needed!!)

I'll make you a deal! If you cut your shoes down to two pair, I'll ONLY take my Crocs camping this weekend!! (I was going to bring my Tevas, too, but I'll leave 'em behind if you need some motivation!)

VeggieGirl said...

I know exactly how you feel, Tina - I LOATHE packing, since I can never figure out what to take/what not to take on trips (and then I end up overpacking anyways, haha). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am the worst packer! Something that I find helpful is to wear my tennis shoes instead of packing them. Even though they are harder to take off in security lines than flip flops, wearing them leaves more room in my suitcase.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck packing. I am the exact same way. I just know that I will always overpack. And on my honeymoon, they lost my luggage for the first 4 days, but oh well–i was on my honeymoon! (Glee!) Luckily I had some bikinis in my carry on!

Bridget said...

I HATE packing too! I always end up packing too much for fun trips and too little for business trips. The worst was packing for my wedding and honeymoon - the wedding was in my hometown, so we had to pack for two weeks. Even my husband had trouble packing! So, yea, you might want to start packing for that stuff ASAP :)

Sarah said...

I obsess way too much over the whole packing thing, but usually I'm taking my whole kitchen pantry along too ;-).

I nominated you for an award over at my blog, congrats!

PS: congrats on the nuptuals!

sarah said...

i also fret like crazy when i have to pack for something. it's always, 'how will i know what i will FEEL like wearing?' and my wardrobe always seems TINY when i think about vacation clothes. maybe the answer is more shopping while ON vacation . . . although i don't know if vermont is the place for that.

it sounds like a great weekend though! enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Um, I am the worst. I started packing for my long weekend on Tuesday, and I take pictures of specific outfits for specific occasions, then receive counsel from a friend on which is best. I always bring 4-5 pairs of shoes (at least!) everywhere! There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and not being warm/cool enough and under/overdressed.

I am totally going to try your new "dessert" of late- it sounds DELISH! You have great self restraint- I think I might have to have the WHOLE English muffin.

HAVE AN AWESOME TIME, lady! In a few days, you will be a married woman!!!!!

MizFit said...

Im a HORRIBLE packer and just saw catherine's rule (about the shoes) and GASPED!

here's hoping my husband never ventures here to read as TWO? I couldnt do it :)

hope the trip was fun.