Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Breakfast

My posts are all messed up. I apologize. I'm still not sure what I did!? Anyway, here's my Sunday morning breakfast...

Whole wheat toast with wild blueberry fruit spread and cottage cheese spread on top. I used about a tablespoon of each. 

With my "fancy" piece of toast, I also had one egg over hard... and, of course, I drizzled some hot sauce on top. :)

After breakfast, I went for over an hour long power walk by the ocean. It was kind of cloudy this morning, but there was a wonderful ocean breeze that cooled me down as I walked. 

Here's my iced coffee that I enjoyed while watching Sex and the City and reading US Weekly... ahhh, such a nice morning! 

Baking time for me! :)

1 Comment:

VeggieGirl said...

I like the design that the blueberries and cottage cheese made on your "fancy" toast - quite artsy!! :0)

Hooray for baking!!