Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leisurely Sunday

It's been a leisurely Sunday for me. I slept in until about 8:00, watched a couple of episodes of Sex and the City, read US Weekly while drinking some iced coffee, then ate breakfast with Mal-- all in my PJs. Don't you just love mornings like that? Here's a recap of the rest of my Sunday... 

Today's lunch was a "everything but the... salad" with all sorts of random goodies from my fridge.

In my salad was lettuce, carrots, basil, pickles, capers, pumpkin seeds, cracked-pepper deli turkey, cottage cheese, and a few shakes of Garden Vegetable seasoning blend on top. I dressed my salad with cabernet vinegar. I loved that my salad had so many different flavors and textures to it. Each bite definitely kept me guessing!  

I followed my salad with a Van's Organic waffle with Claire's pumpkin butter, which was a perfect sweet snack. After lunch, Mal and I did some shopping, which included purchasing a Woolite Rug Stick (don't be jealous!) for a few of the tough stains on our carpet. (P.S. The Rug Stick works terrific!) 

Around 4:00, my stomach started to grumble. I made myself a small bowl of plain yogurt mixed with the last of my jar of pumpkin spread (very sad). I topped the mixture with a couple of broken Vanilla Snap cookies... almost like pumpkin pie, crust and all. 

I still wanted a little something more after finishing my snack, so I munched on another 5 Vanilla Snap cookies.

My snack is doing a good job holding off my hunger, and I just made myself a pomegranate-lemonade, so I don't think dinner will be for another couple of hours. I have no idea what we will make-- we don't seem to have "dinner foods" in our kitchen, so tonight's meal will probably be a little strange. :) I also might do some baking tonight! It's been way too long! :)


Anonymous said...

Tina I love your blog and congrats on the wedding! I know you've had a lot going on recently and you must have great time management to still fit in such fun blog posts!

Did you skip bfast and right to lunch this morning?

Salad looks so creative, unique, and yummy!!

VeggieGirl said...

Sounds like you've had a relaxing Sunday!! Perfect. I do hope that you bake something tonight - you always make such sensational treats!! :0)

hk said...

yum! EVERYTHING looks great, sounds like my kind of sunday :) US Weekly, SATC, and good eats with the family :) love it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh i love all of your snacks today... I'll definitely be trying out the cottage cheese & blueberry jam and also the pumpkin & yogurt combo ;)