Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Busy One

After a slow start, my day ended up being jam packed! I'm glad that we're finally home with no plans on tonight's agenda. In my "old" age, I'm really starting to like relaxing nights in! :)

My Sunday morning started with a glass of iced coffee with vanilla hemp milk, which I drank while blogging about yesterday's busy day. The blog post took me about an hour to type up! 

Breakfast this morning was an egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin with homemade homefries. For the egg in my sandwich, I used a liquid egg white patty, which was quick and easy to prepare. To make: coat a small, mircowavable bowl with cooking spray, pour 1/3 cup liquid egg whites into bowl, and cook in microwave for 90 seconds. 

Liquid egg whites in cooking-spray coated bowl...

After a quick cook in the microwave, the egg whites form a small patty, which is perfect for a breakfast sandwich.

From above...

To make the homefries, I coated a chopped potato with olive oil, Montreal Steak Seasoning, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce, and baked them in the oven on 375* F for 20-25 minutes. 

Sunday Newspaper

Mal and I used to have a Sunday night tradition where we would read the Sunday newspaper in bed before falling asleep. We no longer have the paper delivered to our front door, so we rarely buy it and hardly ever read the Sunday paper. Today, however, we both had the urge to leisurely peruse the newspaper. We decided to purchase the paper, bring it to Starbucks, and enjoy a couple of yummy beverages while reading outside in the sunshine. At Bucks, I ordered a Banana Chocolate Vivanno, which tasted just like a homemade smoothie. As a snack, this baby filled me right up! Mal ordered his favorite: iced peppermint latte. 

I took a break from the newspaper to catch up with my magazine reading... I saw Kath in this month's Shape! So cool!!!

Around 2:00, I still wasn't hungry for lunch, but I thought it would be smart to have a snack before heading to a friend's Labor Day BBQ, where I knew there would be lots of junk food. I was in the mood for some Kashi crackers, so I decided to make a "dip" to go with them. For the dip, I cooked a veggie burger in the microwave, mushed it up, and added sliced grape tomatoes and roasted red peppers. The veggie burger dip ended up being the perfect consistency for scooping up with Kashi crackers. 

Right before leaving for the BBQ, I grabbed another snack: part of a granola plank (about a 1/3 of a whole one). I'm not sure why I thought I needed another snack--  I wasn't hungry at all. 

At the BBQ, Mal and I played Cornhole...

...and drank some beers. Mal drank 2 Bud Lights, I drank most of 1. My lunch held me over well through the BBQ, and I wasn't tempted at all by the unhealthy food options. 

I'm not sure what's for dinner tonight... I'm not really in the mood to cook, so perhaps I'll make something easy like Annie's Mac and Cheese or a tuna sandwich. Hmmmmm... I'm not really craving anything specific. 

Be back later tonight!


HangryPants said...

Hey Tina, I tried that vivano today, too. Question about the travel mug. What size does it end up being?


VeggieGirl said...

Hehe, love the shot of your "blogging station" (hooray for Mac laptops!!).

I FINALLY received the new issue of SHAPE in the mail a few days ago - so fun that Kath is in there!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening!

Tina said...


The travel mug is a grande size (16 oz).

sweetpotato said...

I love the veggie burger dip idea! Sounds great.

Lauren said...

Cornhole is such a fun game! My fiance and I have started calling it "Bags" (referring to the beanbags used to play the game) b/c we've had some strange looks from friends when asked to play "cornhole" (given the certain connotation with the word). Hahaha

HangryPants said...

Thanks Tina.

I like the new green blog. I made mine green yesterday. Obviously, great bloggers think alike. :)

Anonymous said...

Tina, love that you had great snacks in anticipation of the BBQ- perhaps your body knew it might need a little extra (e.g. the granola plank) to get through the afternoon.

Great strategy.

Looks like a really fun day- and love the fun picture of Mal!

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