Friday, August 8, 2008

A Great Start

Good morning! Happy 08/08/08! And Happy Birthday, Josh!!!

Despite my blog title, my day did not start off great. I woke up at 5:30; I was exhausted and cranky, and seriously considered skipping the gym all together. I had packed my gym bag the night before, but I still wasn't motivated. I wanted to be in my nice, warm bed with my hubby! But then, I reminded myself how I feel when I blow-off a workout... I swear, it works every time!

Even after the early morning debate with myself, my workout ended up being fantastic. I've said this before, but I love the classes at Healthworks! I took a combo class this morning: Bosu Express + Body Express. Bosu Express is a half-hour of balance and cardio on the Bosu Ball, and Body Express is a 30-minute muscle conditioning class that focuses on different muscle groups from week to week. After class, I also did an easy 20 minutes on the elliptical while catching up with the news.

Immediately after showering and dressing, I headed to Starbucks for a sweetened iced coffee with soy milk. So delish! It totally made my morning!

At work, I made myself a bowl of Kashi instant oatmeal with banana and peanut butter. I also plumped-up my oatmeal with about a 1/3 cup of fiber cereal and some raisins. All together, my breakfast didn't look too pretty, but it was tasty and filling-- it'll definitely hold me over until lunch.

Question of the Day

Does your weekend lifestyle affect your weight loss/health/fitness goals?

From "If your scale is fluctuating more than the stock market, what you do on the weekends could be at fault. Kicking back and being less vigilant about what you eat and drink even just two days out of the week can add up to an almost nine-pound weight gain over the course of a year, according to new research published in the journal Obesity. Read More."

This article actually kind of surprised me. In general, I eat less on the weekends, but my food choices are often higher in calories (booze, nachos, etc.) than what I would normally eat during the week. I am also much more relaxed about my eating habits on the weekends, mainly because I don't have much of a schedule. The article (and research) will definitely make me more aware of how and what I eat on the weekends.


Justine said...

My weekend's are usually still healthy. I still workout and eat healthy foods, though sometimes I tend to maybe eat a little more if we go out or have a couple glasses of wine, but all in all I think it balances out. Also, I think I may eat less some weekends just because my schedule isn't as structured. Interesting about that article though...I can definitely see how some people would overdo it on the weekends...especially with special events going on!

Casie said...

I love your blog, and it has been so great to read having just moved to Boston. ( I love that you give reviews on local places!!) I was wondering about the healthworks membership. I just joined a gym through work but I am not very happy with it, and I noticed that you mentioned Healthworks. I think there might be one in Cambridge near where I live.

C said...

I do find the weekends harder, especially with social commitments and just the general desire to wind down. I really try to focus on my hunger signals and worry less about the actual food. I also try to get in some exercise.

Tina said...


I LOVE Healthworks! It's truly a weird obsession! :) There is a HW in Porter Square. I've never been to that location, but from the 2 that I have seen, I assume the Porter Sq. location is super nice as well! I highly recommend HW!!!!

VeggieGirl said...

I'm glad that your workout helped make your morning better - always "works out" (okay, I'm done with bad puns, haha).

I eat a little lighter on the weekends, since I don't have training/dance - but overall, my eating habits don't change from weekday to weekend.

SarahF said...

That article certainly is enlightening!

My weekends are terrible! My boyfriend works nights so I only see him during the weekend and so on Fridays I'll usually stay up way too late with him which always ends up with him and I sharing a bottle of wine and inevitably ends with me having a fourth meal (since Friday's are typically about 24-28 hours long for me)

Saturdays are usually a tad better because I can sleep in so my day doesn't start as early but usually ends up with more alcohol and lots of snacking (my boyfriend eats terribly so we're always eating chips or wings or nachos).

Sundays usually are fine but that's because after sleeping in really late from being exhausted all weekend and then trying to go to bed early-my day is pretty short. My boyfriend really kills my healthy lifestyle....but at least there's 3 more weeks and then I'll switch back to nights and we won't have to cram in a week's worth of seeing each other into 2 nights.

Simple and Divine said...

My weekends are always different. It just depends on how I feel but rarely are they different because my body always craves fruits, veggies, and healthy foods in general! Plus because I work on the weekends too (at least one day), my eating is consistent.

Caitlin said...

good morning tina! glad to hear your day is improving!

i try to look at weekends not as an opportunity to blow off my diet, but to work out extra hard... i tend to have more free time on saturday or sunday, so its a nice opportunity to squeeze in a extra workout or a longer one.

but seriously.... a saturday night wouldnt be compelte with a beer. or three. i'm ok with that!! LOL

Anonymous said...

do you order the latte at starbucks or just a coffee with a bit of milk? i've been trying to make my own at home but can't seem to find the perfect combo..either too milky or too coffee!

Tina said...


My Starbucks order is actually an iced coffee with soy milk, and not a latte. I'm not sure of the exact amount of soy milk that I add-- probably 1/4 cup or so.

Quinn said...

I agree with Caitlin. I use my Saturdays and Sundays to extend my workouts and combine a cardio workout with a class or something. I can be more leisurely. I'm also less prone to snacking on weekends because I'm not really home during the day whereas at work I'll have a snack at say 3:00 or so mainly out of boredom, but also due to hunger.

I have made a concerted effort to hold back on the booze though. I have been ordering a lot of club soda with lime, and no one really seems to notice because it looks like a cocktail!

Anonymous said...

That article is surprising. i think the quantity of food I eat is less on weekends, though maybe the quality might be slightly less than stellar. However, I do drink a bit extra friday nights usually.

Anonymous said...

I find that as long as Iwork out plenty and try to eat as helahtfully as possible during the week, so a glass of wine (or 3!), a decadent omelette, or a fudgy brownie is a well-deserved indulgence during the weekend. I find as long as I make an effort to enjoy these things, I feel happier and healthier!

Catherine said...

I think my weekends might be healthier for me, too. I tend to get more exercise, since I run more errands, which requires more walking/biking. I also am not around all of the JUNK at work, so I tend to eat pretty healthfully, even if we go out. I also do most of my cooking on the weekend, so I tend to eat balanced, healthy, veggie-loaded meals.

Now, if I could get control of myself around the junky snacks we feed the kids at work . . . I'd be doing pretty okay, in the end!