Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meat Loaf Salad

Can we all agree that leftover meat loaf is just not pretty to photograph... ever? I took so many photos of my lunch today, and they all came out uggg-ly! The salad that I made for lunch was bright and colorful; my meat loaf was brown and blah.

I decided to mix up the two, hoping my lunch might look a little more appetizing... soooo I made meat loaf salad, which was not really better looking. But eating the meat loaf and fresh veggies simultaneously was surprisingly tasty-- they really complimented each other well.

Sweet snack: 1/4 of a Honest Foods Maple Almond Crunch Granola Plank and chocolate and peanut butter chips. Loved this combo! You guys will be seeing it much more often-- I'll probably add some almonds or walnuts to make it more of a trail mix.

Just now, I dug into my very juicy watermelon. It's so great having watermelon in season right now. I know I'm going to miss it in a few weeks!

Mal has plans tonight, so I've got the apartment to myself this evening! What should I do (besides dominate the TV)? :)


katie s said...

oh man, when i get the house to myself i loooove cooking a comforting dinner, drink a good glass of wine, and have total domination of the tv :) you're lucky tonight!!

meatloaf salad sounds delicious!!

CourtneyS said...

I'm the same way! I cook something my boyfriend doesn't like, enjoy a glass of wine, watch whatever I want, take a long shower, and climb into bed with a book. Actually, my boyfriend is traveling for work this week so I'm doing that (again) tonight!

VeggieGirl said...

Your snack looks AAAAMAZING!!!


christie i. said...

Take a bubble bath with a nice book and a glass of wine!

sweetpotato said...

Yum, juicy watermelon!

UVAJess said...

Bake! It's my plan for tonight! I finally have a night off from my other job (teaching ballet) and thats how I plan to use it!

I think I'm gonna whip up some of your recipes ironicallY!

*Erica* said...

When I have the house to myself, which isn't very often, I usually make something new and different. You know, something that I've been kinda questionable about trying but didn't really want to use my family as guinea pigs! Then it would be bed and quiet tv time......ahhhh sounds wonderful!

Lacey Nicole said...

yay! have a spa night:) wear a funny looking face mask and paint your toes. hehehe. too bad it's not biggest loser tuesdays yet... soon! i miss trainer Bob :)

Erin said...

Wow, I love the plank with the chocolate chips!
When my hubcap is gone, I stretch out on the couch, watch TV, and groom myself. It's a relief not to have to listen to ESPN or XBox Live!