Sunday, August 10, 2008

Slacker Sunday

Earlier today, I was super motivated to do something fun and exciting. However, the day didn't quite pan out as expected. After breakfast and a few tasks around the apartment, Mal and I decided to visit the Pope John Paul II Park, a 65-acre outdoor area right on Boston Harbor. The park has miles and miles of walkways and paths, so our plan was to get a little exercise and enjoy the beautiful day. However, Mother Nature had her own plans for the afternoon, and just as we were about to leave for the park, it started to thunder and downpour like crazy! Needless to say, we decided to wait out the rainstorm. While we waited, Mal and I wrote a bunch of wedding thank you cards, a task we've been putting off for weeks. Unfortunately, the rain never really let up until it was almost evening, so we didn't make it to the park. Today was kind of a bummer, but Mal and I did write 49 thank you cards, so at least we got something accomplished! 

Dinner was so good tonight! We made Dr. Praeger's California veggie burgers using our panini-maker (aka griddler), which worked great and took no time at all-- 5 minutes to heat up and 5 minutes to cook, which Mal thought was "awesome!" He then added, "You can quote me on that."  

We topped our veggie burgers with onions and snap peas sauteed in soy sauce and olive oil. I also added Claire's amazing relish to my bun, which was a Calise Bakery 100% Whole Wheat Kaiser Roll. 

Mal and I watched a couple of episodes of Sex and the City (season 1) while eating dinner. I also drank some pink lemonade with a lime wedge. 

Of course, I ate something sweet after dinner-- half of a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, wheat germ (extra vitamin E, folic acid, and crunch!), and peanut butter and chocolate chips. As always, it satisfied my dessert craving! :)

Lunch was a big bowl of polenta with diced tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, salt, pepper, and shredded cheddar cheese melted on top. I loved it!!! It was so delicious, so quick to make, and so filling! I'm glad that I gave polenta another chance! It's amazing in so many ways and has endless possibilities as a meal! 

My afternoon snack was a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch, raisins, and peanut butter and chocolate chips. I munched on this while writing thank you notes, so it took me quite awhile to eat all of it. I actually ate a little bit from the bowl before I took the photo, so try to picture more in there! :)

I'm going to continue my slacker Sunday night with climbing into bed early and reading a magazine before dozing off. Sleep well, all! 

P.S. My sister got engaged this afternoon! CONGRATS, Sister and Pat!!!!!


Anita said...

Hi Tina! This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I've been reading for a while and I love it!!! But I just had to comment that you and I had a pretty similar day with some minor differences... it downpoured here almost all day (of course I got stuck in some of it running errands, but what can you do?), also watched Sex and the City today (only I watched Season 3, with my roommate- our cable and internet were down almost all day!), and I also had a veggie burger for dinner (only mine was a Boca Tomato Bruschetta burger on a Flat-out wrap, with spinach leaves and sundried tomato and basil hummus... it was delish! Yours looks awesome too!).

Thanks for having such a great blog! I get so many meal ideas and health/fitness/wellness tips from you... you really know how to live a happy and healthy, balanced life, and that's very inspiring for people who are trying to do the same! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister!!!

I still have to try the Dr. Praeger veggie burgers!

Have a great evening!

HangryPants said...

Awww congrats Tina's sister.

Mal is fun - "You can quote me on that."

Quinn said...

So exciting for your sister! It's definitely a fun time, and I'm sure you'll be able to give her lots of advice. As for the thank you notes. Wow. 49? My hand would likely fall off. But, I bet you feel really accomplished.

Love the pink bev with SATC! It's a must!

SH said...

Another congrats to you sister!!

I see you've been drinking lots of lemonade. Do you like iced tea lemonade? I like Nantucket Nectars Half and Half and sometimes get it at Starbucks, but most of the time make my own. It's my favourite summer drink!

Laura said...

Bummer that the weather wasn't nice! I had a question about the wheat germ. Do you store yours in the fridge? And do you have a whole container of it? I thought I read some where that you should only buy as much as you need for about a week or so but why would they sell big jars of it then..

VeggieGirl said...

I looove your toast dessert and the polenta dish - yum!!

Congratulations to your sister on her engagement!! How exciting!!

Anonymous said...

I got caught in the downpour here in boston mid-run! I was all the way across the mass ave bridge and I live in the south end. I was prepared enough to pack my t pass in my top inside was a crazy one!

Oh and I must be completely out of the loop but I have never heard of that park, are the paths paved or not? I should run there!

Simple and Divine said...

Aww How wonderful about your sister's engagement! CONGRATS TINA'S SISTA! ;)

And that park sounds as if it would have been SOOOOOOO nice! Shame the weather wasn't in your favor :( We had showers and thunder here, too, and it was quite chilly! So trange for this time of year, right!? Oh well! Enjoy your mag :) Din looks FAB, by the way (of course! hehe!)

Tom Aarons said...

It might have been easy, but it still manages to look absolutely delicious!

alicia said...

Awesome veggie burger dinner you've got there and SATC is the best ever. There is no way I can ever get tired of watching that.

Ooh, how exciting. Congrats to your sister! I still remember the initial excitement of being engaged :)

Erica said...

Good job on the thank you notes! Those things are a pain in the butt! That is very exciting that your sister got engaged! Hooray!

c said...

That veggie burger looks fantastic!

Congrats to your sister!

Caitlin said...

congrats sister tina on your engagement! :)

Sammie said...

Congratulations to your sissy & future brother-in-law!! I love what you did with the polenta, I still need to give it a try. Despite not getting outside it sounds like you had a nice day after all. I have never been to that park, I will have to look it up, is it easy to find?

Tina said...


Sounds like we both had a great day! SATC never gets old! Thanks for your kind works too! :)


I love Half and Half! Thanks for the reminder-- I want to make some now! :)


I don't store my wheat germ in the fridge, but maybe I should? I bought mine in a good-sized glass jar. I'm going to check the label (and google) how to store it best. Thanks for the heads up!

afreshdill and Sammie,

Yep, the paths are paved and most of them run right along the water. It's a very pretty place to run/walk. Check out the link in my post for more info.

Betsy said...

congrats to your sister!

i honestly think those are the best veggie burgers-you can actually taste the vegetables!!

Anonymous said...

COngratulations to your sister- how exciting!

Your evening sounds wonderful- first of all, I love Dr. Praeger's, but more importantly, I love the Mal watches SATC with you.

Anonymous said...

What a great evening. Sometimes the low key ones are the best.
And there are *tons* of things to so with polenta - rolled in spices and then grilled and pressed in a sandwich, layered with salsa and veg in a casserole, in a savory pudding.... love it!

Sister said...

Thanks Peter!!!!

Maria said...

Hey Tina!! I love this blog of yours, it's inspiring me to eat healthier. Generally I'm pretty good about that, but I've slacked off since moving back to New Orleans - with all the good food here, it's hard to stay healthy! So thanks, keep the inspiration and great ideas coming! This particular meal, the veggie burger with onions and peppers sauteed in balsamic, inspired my dinner tonight, and it was amazing! It was so delicious. And, dude, you got married!!?!!? Aww, congratulations! I hope the wedding and honeymoon were a blast! Tell Mal I say hello and talk to you soon!


PS: I know this post has a lot of exclamation points, but it's been so long! :)