Monday, August 4, 2008

Snacks on the Fly!

My breakfast did not hold me over until lunch. Not at all. The morning flew by with meetings, various tasks, and phone calls/emails, but around 11:00 my stomach was growling like mad! My hunger came out of nowhere... and it came on strong! I actually started to feel ill after a little while-- I was that hungry! I finally grabbed a salad from the cafe's salad bar around 11:45, and practically devoured it! The whole incident was so strange-- I don't usually get such intense hunger pains like that. Weird.

Anyway, my salad was packed with salad bar goodies. It was a monster of a salad, which included...

  • spinach
  • arugula
  • beets
  • 2 kinds of mushrooms
  • yellow pepper
  • red pepper
  • cucumbers
  • red grapes
  • feta
  • jalapeƱos
  • broccoli
  • cherry tomatoes
  • artichoke hearts
  • almond slices
  • edamame
  • wasabi green peas
  • grapefruit
  • chic peas
  • black beans
  • shredded carrots
  • asparagas

After lunch, I wanted chocolate in a bad way. I fished out 3 pieces of chocolate from the office candy bowl: a Kit Kat, Rolo*, and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (all mini-sized). They successfully satisfied my chocolate craving! :)

Snacks on the Fly!

We had no food in our apartment this morning, so on my break, I hit the grocery store to grab a couple convenient, office-friendly snacks to keep in my desk. I left with Larabars, a box of Kashi TLC Chewy Granola Bars (Trail Mix flavor), and a can of Dole pineapple slices. I also picked up another box of Kashi Heart to Heart instant oatmeal to eat in the office after my morning workouts. Instant oatmeal is one of the best on-the-go breakfasts and snacks.

Today's afternoon snack is a TLC Chewy Granola Bar and a can of Dole pineapple (to be eaten shortly).

Monday is flying by! Let's hope the rest of the afternoon is the same way!

*Update: I just ate 2 more Rolos!


Aimee said...

Your salads from your salad bar look amazing!

Maybe your workouts at your new gym are burning more calories and using up your breakfast fuel faster.

Anne P said...

maybe if you half 1.5 packets of oatmeal that would help. or if you stirred in more stuff, like yogurt and fruit, etc. it's probably just b/c your breakfasts at home are usually larger?

runroamrecycle said...

Hah - thanks for the shoutout in your morning post! I can't WAIT to be back there!! I move in on Sept. 4th =]

After hearing you talk about this amazing gym, it keeps making me think "Oh!! I should join!" But then I remember that we have a gym! I just have to hope that there are fun classes and good instructors.

I think I've asked you this before, but is there a farmers market close to NEU? Since I'm in a suite we have a full kitchen, and I'm only on a 10 meal/week meal plan, so I'll be doing lots of my own cooking!

Tina said...

Aimee and Anne P,

I think you guys are both right. I definitely need to pump up my breakfasts in the office!

Melissa said...

wow, whata fabulous salad bar selection! I could totally go for a rolo, 4pm slump, sigh :)

Tina said...


Yep, the farmer's market is right at Brigham Circle on Thursdays. I think it runs from 11-6. From NEU, you can just hop on the T (2-3 stops) or walk down Huntington away from Boston (prob a 10-15 minute walk). It's not a huge farmer's market, but you can definitely get the necessities for the week.

hk said...

rolos= AMAZING

Anonymous said...

I've actually kind of noticed that you've been eating less these past couple weeks, since the wedding. I see this at breakfast, and especially dinner. Your lunches seem about the same size. I know if I had your same workout routine, I would need more fuel. (This is just an observation) Is this on purpose? I know some women, newly-wedded, worry about gaining weight because all of a sudden your lifestyle becomes waaaay more relaxed after months of stress. I didn't know if maybe this was the reason why you were eating less? You certainly don't need to, you look fabulous!

Tina said...


I haven't intentionally been cutting calories-- I feel like I am actually eating MORE since the wedding! I'll have to check back and see how my meals have looked.

c said...

That salad looks awesome!!!

Christy said...

I work out every morning and if I don't eat a big enough breakfast I find myself starving at lunch. Also, if I wait too long to eat after I work out I am much more hungry throughout the day. I would suggest making sure you eat a substantial breakfast within 1 hour of exercising. Hope that helps!

Meghan said...

Tina, I read an article recently that said instant oatmeal is actually shown to increase hunger because even though it's whole grains, they're actually quite processed (even kashi!) and they have added sugar. Even though I use only old fashioned oats with the same sort of peanut butter action your giving your oats, I noticed that once I started adding egg whites into my oats after they were cooked, I get at least 2 more hours out of my breakfast than before. So this might be the cause behind insane hunger?

VeggieGirl said...

Oh man, Rolos - I used to eat those all the time when I was little! :0D

Beth said...

Tina, is it a goal for you not to have a snack between breakfast and lunch? I eat breakfasts that are comparable to yours and always need a midmorning snack. Nothing huge, but a piece of fruit, yogurt, etc. Just curious. Unless I have a REALLY big breakfast, it will be snacktime, for sure.

Hangry Pants said...

You said your workouts felt harder and even just switching up the old routine probably burns more calories. Also, I find that when I have a packet of oatmeal as opposed to from the canister, the oatmeal is not as filling. No idea why. Either way - ROLOS are awesome.

just me said...

mmmm...rolos...i like them frozen :P

and your salad looks great!

Denise said...

Rolos are ok, but kit kats, the chunky ones specially! I haven't had one for about 2 months, since I got into my new eating habits. Today, being work deadline and all, I might eat one! : ) I'll post a pic of it, you'll see the wrapping looks different here... maybe it's because you got the mini version?...
I also think that the extra exercising is making you extra hungry! : ) Adding the fruit/yoghurt could hold you up longer!