Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holy Buffalo!

My first night went really well! (Details tomorrow, promise!) My first night also ended earlier than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise! 

When I finally checked my cell phone, a text message was waiting for me from my friend, Carl, asking if I wanted to grab dinner and drinks and watch the Sox game at the Hancock Tavern with him. Since I had a couple of extra hours and no dinner plans for the evening, I decided to meet him and my other friend, Blain. 

I really didn't feel like drinking, but found myself ordering a glass of pinot grigio (and a glass of ice water). Turns out, this brand of wine tasted horrible, so it worked out that I didn't drink much-- about a 1/3 of the glass. I wasn't a fan. Yuck.

Dinner, however, was delish! It took awhile for our order to be delivered to our table, but my meal was well worth the wait. As Carl said, "You can't rush perfection!" I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which came covered in mozzarella cheese and breaded buffalo chicken. Yum! 

I ate 3 pieces from the 10" pie, which means... Buffalo Chicken Pizza for lunch tomorrow too! :) Let's just hope Mal doesn't come home from the Sox game and devour my leftovers! 

Carl and me at the Hancock...

While I was in restroom, Carl took a self-portrait on my camera. Isn't he cute?

Monday night's Hills then bed for me! Good night, all! 


ttfn300 said...

oh the suspense :) glad you had a fun night and some buffalo pizza!

Erin at said...

This suspense is really unfair Tina! :)

Catherine said...


The ceiling of the bar is really cool. Thanks to Carl's self-portrait for giving us a better look!! (And you have fun friends!)

just me said...

ohhh...i'm intrigued!!!

make sure you don't leave us hanging later!

lighterportions said...

Hurry up with those details! :P

Love the looks of that pizza.. yum. I also love your buddy Carl! I love when people take "secret" random selfies to discover on your camera later. haha

RhodeyGirl/Sabrina said...

can't wait for the deets!

Rose said...

So excited for this secret! I think I finally know what it is!

One Food Guy said...

Wow Tina, making us wait another day! I hope this is good! Good like that buffalo chicken pizza you have there which looks awesome!