Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sad Day in Barney Butter Land

I used up the last bit of my final jar of Barney Butter on my lunch this afternoon. How depressing-- my stash went so quickly! I need to get my hands on a new jar ASAP! 

I just finished eating lunch about 15 minutes ago. I was trucking through my studying all morning, so I didn't stop for a break until my stomach started to growl around 1:45 pm. Today's lunch was 2 toasted Van's waffles with Barney Butter and banana slices as well as a Cocoa Brownie for a little treat.


We invited Josh and Danielle over for breakfast this morning. Mr. Mal cooked us all bagel sandwiches with egg, bacon, and Muenster cheese. They were wonderful-- warm, cheesy, and greasy. After all of the drinking that I did last night, I appreciated the greasiness! :)

I also drank an iced coffee with vanilla hemp milk while getting some work done. 

Back to the books! (I'm so not used to being a student again. My brain doesn't work like it used to!) 


VeggieGirl said...

Eek, you better get some Barney Butter a.s.a.p., to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms!! Haha ;0)

Mmm, love your lunch - especially the brownie component!! :0)

Good luck with your work!!

Laura said...

There really is nothing like eggs and grease after a night of drinking. :P I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your first day at the new job!

Can I ask what brand of hemp milk you use? I bought some for the first time a few weeks ago but found that it didn't mix well in my coffee at all. It all settled at the bottom. Maybe it works better in iced coffee?

lighterportions said...

Getting back into student mode is tough! I'm sure you'll have it down pat in no time though.

Loving the lunch. Mmm waffles.

Tina said...


The brand is Living Harvest, and it does separate a little in my iced coffee. I just end up stirring it a few times.

Maddy said...

uh oh! Out of Barney Butter? I really hope you liked my poem cause I can't wait to try it! =)

teresa said...

Have you tried the Naturally More Peanut Butter spread?? It's pretty good flavor-wise, and it's fortified with flaxseeds, flax oil and omega-3s. Loads of protein, too. I really enjoy it on whole wheat toast or english muffins in the morning. I'm going to have to try almond butter...I've looked at jars several times at the market but never had the nerve to take the plunge.