Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long Day Recap

Yesterday started bright and early at 6:00 am, went non-stop, and then ended early at 10:00 pm. By the time it was 9:00 pm last night, I wanted to be in bed. The day (and multiple beers) exhausted me. 

My first real shift at HW was fun! The hours flew by (unlike my desk job) and I learned a ton! The Assistant Fitness Director and I went through about half of the training "check list" (aka everything I need to know before they set me free on the fitness floor). The most exciting part of my training yesterday was learning about all of the fitness appointments that I will be offering to members, including a 15-minute abs class, various orientations (free weight, flexibility, cardio, Nautilis circuit) as well as how to conduct a Fitness Assessment. All things that I am jazzed about! :) 

I finished up at the gym around noon, and I was STARVING! I immediately dug into my emergency snack stash for an apple. I chowed it on my way to Fenway. 

Mal and I decided to grab a quick lunch at Bruegger's before the game. I ordered a jalapeno-cheddar bagel with plain cream cheese, tomato slices, and cucumbers. The jalapeno-cheddar bagel was amazing-- a combo of my favorites: jalapenos, cheese, and carbs. Heaven. 


M&T at Fenway... the Sox lost pretty bad to Toronto. Meh.

Yesterday afternoon was perfect for drinking beers at Fenway... but when isn't it a perfect day for drinking beers at Fenway!? :)

Here's beer #2... I drank 3 of these at the park, plus a few sips of one of Mal's. 

After the game, we met up with an all-star cast at Jillian's for drinks, snacks, and games. My sister, her friend, Liz, Josh, and Danielle were all at the Sox game too, so we decided to meet up afterwards. We played a lot of ping pong at Jillian's, including a round-robin tournament. 

Here's my sis and Danielle playing... 

At Jillian's, I drank a Blue Moon. It came with a lemon slice, which I immediately took out. Ewwww!

We ordered a few apps for the group while at Jillian's-- Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Spinach-Artichoke Dip with pita slices...

and French Fries. I had a few bites of each. Four beers + lower inhibitions = junk food munchies! 

After Jillian's, we headed to South Boston for my sister's engagement party, which was very laid-back and relaxing. We hung out on the roof deck, chatted, and BBQed. I wasn't that hungry, but I figured I should eat something to "soak up" all of the beer in my stomach. I decided on a grilled veggie burger with relish. I also had a few bites of taco salad. 

We ended our Saturday night early-- I was in bed by 10:00, which was fantastic because I got lots of sleep (10 hours). The sleep was much-needed, mostly because I have so much to do today, including tons and tons of studying and judging the Barney Butter poems! :) Be back this afternoon with a double breakfast and lunch post. 


just me said...

wow, you sure did have a busy day! hope you're all well rested now!

Anonymous said...

The Sox played Toronto yesterday, not Tampa Bay.

Lori said...

That bagel sandwich looks amazing. That and Bluemoon. Two of my favorites!

That is great that you'll be doing an abs class. Those have always been my favorite to teach. Glad the first day went well. Don't stress out about your studying. If it is something you love it will come easy to you. That's how I knew it was right for me to get into the field. :)

spunkysuzi said...

Sorry have to say Toronto :) I'm Canadian have to do it!!

VeggieGirl said...

Your 6:00am to 10:00pm schedule is just like mine, haha :0) So I can DEFINITELY sympathize with your day being nonstop!! But I'm SO glad to read that your first real shift at HW was fun/enjoyable!! Hooray!!

Ahh, sorry that the Sox lost :0(

Anonymous said...

AW that is such a good pic of you and Mal!

And the Brueggers Bagel sammy looks AWESOME. I love that place!!! It seriously was my daily breakfast for years!

Gluck studying today, and excited to hear about the Barney Butter giveaway. I was going to make an entry, but everything I came up with was super lameeeeee. Oh wells!

Take care Tina!

Anonymous said...

that was definitely a long day...looks like it was all a lot of fun though! get some rest and enjoy your sunday :)

HangryPants said...

Sounds like a busy and fun day. Will you get to start teaching and all that right away?

Deb said...

HATE the booze munchies!! I crave SWEETS for some reason when I've had more than about 1.5 glasses of wine. Even one glass on an empty stomach can do it! Will you have a hangover today?! Perhaps 4 beers is a different animal to 4 wines? (I would be pretty hungover after 4 wines)

Caitlin said...

you and mal look so happy! i'm glad you had a nice weekend. i wish we had a baseball team in orldnao! :)

Tina said...


Yep, in the next couple of weeks! :)