Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cardio Crunch

This is the 60-minute treadmill workout that I did today; it can be shortened to a 20 or 40-minute workout. It makes running on the treadmill a little more interesting!

Time Speed
0:00-3:00 4.0 
3:00-6:00  6.0
6:00-6:30 8.0
6:30-7:30 6.5
7:30-10:30 Repeat minutes 6-7:30 twice
10:30-11:30 7.0
11:30-12:30 6.5
12:30-16:30 Repeat minutes 10:30-12:30 twice
16:30-18:30 7.5
18:30-20:00 6.5

Repeat 1-2 times. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! I think I'm doing good to run at 5 mph for 25-30 minutes. NO way could I run at 7 or 8 mph for 1 hr. That's sprinting.... Yowza!

Jessica said...

I'm a long time reader but a first time commenter but I wanted to let you know that I did two rounds of this workout this morning and it felt fantastic! Having a set plan to follow made the time go by so much faster and I felt less fatigued than usual too. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks!