Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fuji 1564

Our Valentine's Day dinner was take-out from one of our favorite sushi places: Fuji 1546. We ordered the gyoza (pork dumplings), which came with a spicy teriyaki-based dipping sauce, as well as the spicy tuna maki and tempura maki. As usual, everything was delicious!

I picked up a bottle of Spanish wine from Best Cellars called "Ipsum." Initially, the funky label attracted me to it, but the description totally sold me: "This wine is fruity with notes of apple and pears. Long in the palate with pleasant refreshing lingering aftertaste. It goes well with light foods such as chicken, pasta, fish, etc." The wine lived up to every word, and Mal and I easily finished the bottle!

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arielle said...

Okay, I officially love your blog. You are so much like me, much more than some other food bloggers out there. My boyfriend and I LOVE wine, and I can never have just a couple ounces :) And the cookies look amazing.