Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter Wellness Fair

The Harvard medical area had a Winter Wellness Fair this afternoon. At the fair, University groups set up tables and impart information about their health and wellness services. My coworker and I decided to check it out and we ended up getting a lot of free stuff! I picked up a number of handouts on nutrition and healthy eating, which I will probably read on the commute home. My favorite freebie was a mini first aid kit (for my car)!

After lunch, I definitely dug into my Valentine's Day chocolates. I was planning on having 1 or 2 to satisfy my sweet tooth, but I ended up eating 4! What can I say, I am a chocoholic!

Even after all of that chocolate, I still wanted an afternoon snack. Today's snack was a packet of instant oatmeal with trail mix. I'm feeling pretty full now, so I should be satisfied until dinner.


VeggieGirl said...

what a lovely box of Valentine's Day chocolates! enjoy! :0)

Cheryl said...

yum chocolates!

i also live in the boston area and haven't found hemp milk anywhere... let me know if and where you find it!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog. Do you think you could post calories if you know them along with your pictures. If you don't know or don't like to count, no big deal.

Anonymous said...

I am a chocoholic too! good thing I didn't get chocolates for Valentine's Day or they would be all gone!!