Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hump Day Lunch

When I was deciding what I wanted for lunch before work this morning, I blankly stared at the fridge... and then blankly stared into the cupboards. I wasn't really in the mood for anything. I was happily content after eating that amazing bulgar breakfast, so I ended up grabbing a random assortment of foods: cantaloupe, cottage cheese, Yoga bread, chocolate sauce, and a bag of Tazo Honeybush tea. In the end, lunch was pretty good. Right after lunch, I also had a shortbread cookie. (Sorry no photo; I was in a meeting.) I wasn't planning on having a cookie, but they looked so darn good, and I swear they were calling my name! So glad I went to the gym this morning!

Yoga bread with chocolate sauce and peanut butter...

1 cup diced cantaloupe: 55
cottage cheese: 90
Yoga bread: 70
1/2 tbsp chocolate sauce: 45
1/5 tbsp peanut butter: 45
shortbread cookie: 200
Lunch total: 505


VeggieGirl said...

ahh yes, I have those days too, when I cannot think of ONE food that I am in the mood for - looks like you resolved that problem quite deliciously!! especially with the cantaloupe - my favorite melon variety :0)

Anonymous said...

The cantaloupe definitely hit the spot today!

Anonymous said...

hey... i was wondering if you could let us readers in on some tips on out you lost weight? like how is your diet/exercise plan different now that you are maintaining and not trying to lose weight anymore?

thanks for the great blog!!!

Blain said...

Yummy PB and chocolate. Looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

What kind of chocolate sauce is this? Is it nutella?