Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mental Health Day

I decided to take a "mental health" day today. I don't usually do this, but we all know that our mental health can affect our physical health, and I think I will truly benefit from a day away from the office... but I'm not going to waste the day away. In fact, I already have a To Do list ready to go, which even includes a 90 minute yoga class at Healing Tree! (I hope that I like the class-- I'd really love to incorporate yoga into my lifestyle.)

Breakfast was a new and interesting combination of bulgar, pumpkin, hemp milk, walnuts, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Pumpkin seems to make everything taste better! :) With the bulgar, I had a glass of iced coffee with milk and a pear, which I am munching on now. After a little digesting, I am going to hit the gym for a super sweaty workout!

All together...

1/4 cup (dry) bulgar: 160
1/4 cup pumpkin: 20
1/2 cup help milk: 60
1/8 cup walnuts: 80
1 cup organic non-fat milk: 80
Pear: 120 (it was a big one!)
Breakfast total: 520


Romina said...

Enjoy your mental health day. I find they are very much needed, so savour it!

hhif said...

I love yoga! I can't wait to hear how you enjoy the class! -Robin

Anonymous said...

hi tina!
i love your blog! just wondering, on days that you do a 90 min. yoga class, do you ALSO do a sweaty workout at the gym!! that seems like soooo much!!

VeggieGirl said...

Kudos to you for being proactive about your health/well-being, and taking a "mental health day" - enjoy it, and relax! :0)

Mmm, your bulghur/pumpkin breakfast meal sounds quite comforting; especially when paired with such a large pear! haha, love it.

Mandy said...

Hey Tina -

Do you find that the bulgar holds you over just as well as oatmeal does?

Jenn said...

Enjoy your day off!! :)

Culinary Creator said...

good for you! I need to take one of those soon-ish! :)

Emma said...

Tina! You make we want to try bulger so badly! I almost bought some at the store the other day, but I am moving soon and reminded myself I need to eat up the foods I have. And from you and Kath, I am dying to try the pumpkin filling in oatmeal/bulger....cept yesterday I couldnt find it at one of the biggest grocery stores.

Also I was wondering, do you weigh your food on a scale?

Tina said...

Hi Mandy,

Bulgar and oatmeal hold me over about the same. I always try to bulk them up with nuts and fruit.

Hi Emma,

I don't use a scale to weigh my food, but I think it's a good idea. I use measuring cups/measuring spoons most of the time. I might look into getting a scale though.


I usually workout once a day, but I have the whole day free and have been wanting to give yoga another try, which is the reason for the double workout today.

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