Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mmmmm Yogurt!

I've been eating Light & Fit Yogurt for so long that I forgot what the "real" stuff tastes like... and boy, is it delicious! I might have to make the switch back! This might sound kind of weird, but I stirred a spoonful of peanut butter into my yogurt. The combination of blueberry and peanut better was surprisingly tasty! I also had a cup of fresh fruit.

Yogurt: 120
Fruit: ~50
PB: 95
Snack total: 265


hk said...

ewww, I hate light 'n fit, totally fake tasting to me! Glad you re-discoverd the real thing, I think it's totally worth it and so much more satisfying!! yumm to the PB idea, too :)

Annie said...

Same thing happened to me..Ive been eating lite n fit for a couple months, and the other day decided to grab a Stoneyfield Peach (I used to eat one every single day) and was amazed at how much better it tasted! Not so fake and super sweet.

VeggieGirl said...

nothing like some fresh fruit to satisfy one's hunger - yum! :0)

Lacey said...

i completely agree-- i love stoneyfield as a brand and product,... i recommend the "2-a-day apricot one"... but if you want a similar cal-count, dannon also makes a plain yogurt (80 cal) that is terrific and a great base for mix-ins like fruit or PB, etc. :)