Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oatmeal Pancake Perfection

Trivia was fun last night! There were some really tough questions and we seconded-guessed ourselves on a few times-- saying the right answer first, but going with something else. We ended up finishing in the middle of the pack, but it was nice seeing our friends and catching up.

Breakfast this morning was an oatmeal pancake. Kath's recipe is perfect: so easy to make, delicious, and filling. She is a genius! I also took a banana to go and I am drinking Dark Magic coffee with organic half & half now. The Dark Magic coffee claims to have a "spellbinding complexity." It absolutely does, and it is wicked strong! I'll be wide awake soon enough!

Oatmeal pancake: 150
1/8 cup sugar-free maple syrup: 15
1/8 cup slices almonds: 75
Banana: 120
Coffee with h&h: 40
Breakfast total: 400


Emma said...

yummy looking breakfast! and trivia sounds fun. was there food around? social events like that can be hard...if you've eaten dinner and are done for the night, but everyone around you is snacking. do you have any tricks?

also what color bridesmaid dresses do you think you'll have? haha I know it's a random question, but when I think about weddings that is the ONE thing im always curious about. are you having a big wedding? outdoors? inside? weddings are so much fun! haha sorry im just excited for you and curious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,

I LOVE talking about our wedding plans! Thanks for asking! :) Here are some details...

The bridesmaid dresses are espresso (our wedding colors are dark brown and a bright, summery blue). The girls got their dresses from Ann Taylor. Here's a link to the dress (but in brown):¤tPageNo=3

We are having a pretty big wedding-- about 170 guests. We both have huge families and a lot of friends. The wedding itself will be inside at our church, and the reception will be indoors and outdoors. It's at a country club with a golf course, but there is also a ballroom. Here's a link to the reception site:

Emma said...

oh my gosh! those dresses are perfect! simple and elegant- that's what I love!

And that looks like such a beautiful place to have a wedding! I grew up in Cambridge, went to horse camp in NH, and I have so many fond memories of beautiful scenery there. AW that sounds like so much fun.

Okay another important question- what about the food?! What's on the menu?

VeggieGirl said...

Kath's recipes are definitely brilliant - wonderful job on that oatmeal pancake! and I'm so glad that trivia was fun - definitely sounds like it should have been! :0)

Anonymous said...

Aren't the oatmeal pancakes super yummy! I know it's a good recipe when even my picky husband loves them! Oh, and fyi-The oatmeal pancake recipe is actually from a fellow Calorie King member, not Kath...just so you know. :)