Friday, February 1, 2008


Typically how much oats do you use to make your morning oatmeal? I've been experimenting with different additions and was curious what works for you?

For my oatmeal, I measure about 1/2 cup of dry oats from the canister. I typically buy Old Fashioned Quaker Oats or McCann's Irish Steel Cut Oats. I'm always trying new things in my oatmeal. Some of my favorites: fresh berries (or frozen), almonds, walnuts, liquid egg whites (extra protein!), peanut butter, jam, ground flax seed meal, raisins, dried fruit, banana slices, apples chunks, chocolate chips, cereal, and coconut.

I really like your blog. I totally understand if you would rather not, but could you share some of your stats (height/weight or measurements)?

I am 5' 4" and weigh between 127-131.

How many calories do you eat per day? And how many calories did you eat when you were losing weight?

Currently (and while losing weight), I eat 1800-2200 calories a day.

How do you make your oatmeal with egg whites? What amounts do you use, Ive never heard of doing that before. Does it give it a weird consistency? I'm always looking for ways to add more protein to my oatmeal, and that sounds kind of interesting.

Yep, I add liquid egg whites (the kind you buy in the carton) to my oatmeal. I typically add about 1/4 cup of egg whites to my 1/2 cup of dry oats. I have experimented with adding more, but it does give the oatmeal a weird consistency. A quarter cup is just enough to add some extra protein, but not give the oatmeal an eggy taste or funny consistency. Sometimes I also add a spoonful of peanut butter and/or nuts for some extra protein.

What is a Starbucks misto? I've never heard of that?

A misto is a drink that is half coffee and half steamed milk. I usually get mine made with soy milk and sometimes get sugar-free vanilla or hazelnut syrup in it.

What kind/brand of sports bra do you wear?

My favorite sports bra is Under Armour's HeatGear Shaper Bra.

About your brussels spouts - how do you cook them? I'm looking for an easy, healthy way to make them. Still been too intimidated to try cooking them.

I am sort of intimidated to cook them too! I've actually been eating the Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetables. Their single packs take 60 seconds in the mircowave and they taste really good.

I've never had bulgar. What's it like? How do you cook it? What are its benefits?

I love bulgar! There's just something about it! It's kind of sweet, kind of nutty, but I think it's the texture that I like so much. The texture is grainy, but sort of chewy. It's a nice change from the typical oatmeal breakfast, and it fills me up.

I cook my bulgar in a big, deep bowl in the microwave for 6 minutes. I add 1/3 cup of dry bulgar to 2/3 cup water (sometimes milk) and add other toppings (pumpkin, dates, almonds, etc.) and then pop in the microwave.

Here is some nutritional information (from Wikipedia):

Bulgar is more nutritious than rice or couscous. Bulgar has a glycemic index of 46.

100 grams unprepared bulgar contains approximately:
Energy: 1500 kJ (360 kcal)
Dietary fiber: 8 g
Protein: 12.5 g
Carbohydrate: 69 g whereof 0.8 g sugars
Fat: 1.75 g whereof 0.2 saturated fat

I am wondering what type of bulgar you use, is there a special breakfast bulgar? Do you get it at Whole Foods?

I use regular dry bulgar for my breakfast. Currently, I am using bulgar from a health food store in my neighborhood. I buy it in bulk from their bins-- kind of like they have at Whole Foods. In the past, I've use the Arrowhead Mills brand. Here's a link to the product: I think you can find the Arrowhead Mills brand at most grocery stores.

What is an Adora disk?

An Adora disk is a chocolate calcium supplement that provides about 50% of your daily requirements. They are delicious and actually taste like real chocolate. Here's a link to their website: You can order the Adora disks online, but they are also sold at Whole Foods and Walgreens as well as some other retailers.

How do you cook your spaghetti squash?

I cut the squash in half (length-wise), dig out the seeds and guts, and then bake (face up) at 350F degrees for about 45 minutes, until squash is soft. (I just poke it with a fork to check). Then, I let the halves cool for a little while, then scrap out the squash (length-wise) with a fork.

What are stuffed grape leaves

"Dolmades are delicate parcels made from grape leaves (also known as vine leaves) stuffed with long-grain rice, toasted pine nuts, fresh herbs and seasonings. Dolmades can be served as part of a meze platter or salad plate, eaten as finger food or simply enjoyed as a tasty snack."

What brand of Buffalo Sauce do you use?

Frank's Red Hot. It's the best!

What are the measurements for your pomegranate lemonade? What product brands do you use?

The approximate measurements are 1/3 pomegranate juice, 2/3 cup soda water (or sparkling water), and 1 tsp of powdered low-cal lemonade mix (Crystal Light or store brand). For the pomegranate juice, we sometimes buy the Pom brand, but it is usually very expensive. Currently, we are using Langers brand pomegranate juice. (Any pomegranate juice will work-- just make sure it doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup in it.)

How do you make your homemade iced coffee?

Check out my Homemade Iced Coffee recipe!

Where can I buy Barney Butter? Does Whole Foods sell it?

Barney Butter is available at Whole Foods, but only in certain states. Here's a list of retail locations: You can also purchase BB directly through the website.

What brand is your panini maker?

Our panini press is the Cuisinart Griddler, which was purchased from Crate & Barrel.

I am coming down with a cold! Any suggestions on staying in line with my weight loss goals despite the fact that I don't have the energy to go for a run?

If you just have a cold (not the flu), you may want to continue working out, but at a much lesser intensity. Some people believe that exercising will actually boost your immune system and help you recover more quickly. However, if you are stuffed-up, feeling completely fatigued or feverish, working out will probably make you feel worse; sleep and rest are a better choice. You won't derail your weight loss efforts if you take a day or 2 off from you workouts to recover. Your body knows what is best for you, so be sure to listen to it. Also important to note: All of the healthy people at the gym will appreciate you staying away until you are not contagious! :)


Elizabeth said...

i workout at the gym several times each week but i want to get my arms to be smaller instead of being so built up and muscular. My routine is a mix of cardio but more weights. Am I supposed to decrease the amount of weight and do more reps or what?! help! :)

Tina said...


Yep, you'll want to go for light weights and do lots of repetitions. Here's a good article for you:

bcsweetchai said...

I am coming down with a cold! Any suggestions on staying in line with my weight loss goals despite the fact that I don't have the energy to go for a run?