Saturday, February 16, 2008

Surprise Party

Tonight, Mal and I went to a Mexican-themed surprise birthday party for a friend. We showed up about 45 minutes before the birthday girl was supposed to arrive, and while we waited, I drank a Corona Light with lime. (I like Corona, but I prefer it much more in the summer!) The birthday girl arrived and had no idea about the surprise party. When she entered the house, she actually screamed when we yelled "surprise!"

The party food was mostly finger foods and appetizers, so I had a little of everything, and basically snacked all night long. I monitored myself and made it a point to not overeat. It would have been so easy to over do it on all of the wonderful Mexican food! 

These appetizers (below) were spicy and filled with beans and cheese...yum!

After snacking on all of the party food, Mal mixed a strong margarita with salt for me. A former bartender, Mal refused to use sour mix to make it. I don't really like sour mix in margaritas, so I was psyched that he offered to make one from scratch. His margarita was perfect, and I took my time savoring every single sip of it. 

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VeggieGirl said...

sounds/looks like a fun party!