Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wheelhouse Diner

My day started with a tough free weight workout and some light cardio. I lifted my chest and triceps for about 45 minutes and then walked on the treadmill for 30. 

After exercising, Mal and I decided to go out for breakfast to celebrate his last day of February vacation. (He's a teacher.) The Wheelhouse Diner is right near our apartment, and it serves the best diner food that I have ever eaten! I would never consider the food "healthy," but it's wonderful if you are in the mood for a greasy diner breakfast and a calorie splurge. 

The mugs at the Wheelhouse are so cute; I just had to take a photo of my coffee. The decor inside the diner kind of reminds me of what you'd see on Cape Cod; very "beach-y" and coastal-inspired. 

There was wait at the diner, so we didn't end up eating breakfast/lunch until almost noon. By then, I was famished, especially after my workout! I ordered an egg white broccoli and cheese omelette, which came with homefries and raisin toast. I ate the entire omelette (amazing!), 2 pieces of the raisin toast, and about half of the homefries (Mal ate the rest). It was quite the big Sunday breakfast; I don't think I will be hungry again until dinner time. 

My pre-workout snack was a piece of Yoga bread with 2 tsp of almond butter. 

Yoga bread: 70
2 tsp almond butter: 70
Pre-workout snack total: 140

Coffee with 2 oz. H&H: 80
Egg white omelette w/ cheese: ~200
Broccoli (~ 1 cup): 60
1 piece of raisin toast: 100
Homefries (~1/2 cup): 160
Breakfast total: 600


Andrea said...

i love your mug! i have stationery with the same exact sailboat that I bought at the paperstore in my town (near boston)... your yoga bread looks soo good i can't wait to try some :)

Ellie said...

I love the mug!

The diner sounds like a wonderful place; anywhere reminiscent of Cape Cod is great!