Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Highlights

HAPPY EASTER! We're finally home after spending a wonderful weekend with family and friends... we also ate like kings and queens! I actually overindulged quite a bit this weekend, but I plan to get back on track first thing tomorrow morning.

I haven't been home all weekend, and have a million things to do to get ready for the week, so tonight's post will just be highlights of the day. Hope you guys don't mind!

My Easter basket was full of delicious chocolate, candy, and other treats as well as a gift card to Banana Republic. Who knew that the Easter Bunny shopped there!?

I ate Easter brunch at my grandparents' house today. My grandmother is the best cook, and as usual, everything was amazing. In addition to the 10 side dishes (mostly healthy veggies), she cooked a turkey AND a ham! Here's a photo of her special Easter lamb cake. It's so cute! We always feel bad when we cut into it to serve it!

My uncle and aunt, who own a chicken coop, gave Mal and I a gift of a dozen fresh eggs-- they even still have dirt and wood shavings on them! I'm really looking forward to trying an all-natural, right-from-the-bird egg. I'll be sure to post how they taste!

According to my uncle, the eggs are various colors and sizes because they come from different breeds of chickens.

The Easter Bunny (my mom) also gave me this Golden Easter Egg Cake. I ate it for dessert tonight-- it was even more delicious than it looks!

I'm back on track tomorrow! Good night, all!


ashley said...

The Easter bunny was good to you!

I used to own chickens and ate their eggs all the time. I didn't notice too much of a taste difference, but they did seem a bit more natural. Enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

Your lamb cake is adorable!!

Betsy said...

so cute!!! LOVE the lamb cake. And those eggs are so cool!

my easter bunny shops at anthropologie. thanks easter bunny!

hk said...

oh my, fresh eggs...such a cool gift! glad the weekend was fun!

Lindsay said...

I love that cake ;) Wow, interesting info about the eggs, they almost look like they were dyed just for Easter! Hope you enjoyed ;)

Erin said...

Your Easter Bunny rocks! I want mine to hand out cool gift cards....

Those eggs are beautiful, who needs dyed eggs?