Friday, March 21, 2008

Qdoba Mexican Grill

I've been chained to my desk for the past couple of weeks, so lunch out of the office was a must today! My friend, Blain and I had lunch at a fast food Mexican place, called Qdoba. Qdoba is a hybrid between a fast food joint and a regular sit-down restaurant. You wait in line and order your food at a counter, but the food quality is much tastier and healthier (not at all like Taco Bell), and it's relatively low in saturated fats, high in dietary fiber, and not greasy.

I ordered the Naked Taco Salad (no shell) with chicken, black beans, corn, and salsa... to which I added green pepper hot sauce and Tabasco (the hotter, the better!). According to the website, the salad with dressing has approximately 340 calories. I ordered mine without dressing, so I am estimating it was about 300 calories.

Lots of spicy salsa!

For dessert: the final 2 coconut-covered dates. These were so amazing; I need to buy more!

We're spending most of the weekend in Littleton, so I won't be able to post until Sunday. Hope you everyone has a wonderful weekend, and Happy Easter!


Simple and Divine said...

Those dates do look divine :) They'd probably be fun to make too! YUM

Oh, and I added you to my blogroll, I hope that's ok!

Anonymous said...

Simple and Divine,

Of course! I'm psyched that you added me to your blogroll! Congrats on your own new blog!

Simple and Divine said...

Thanks Tina!!! Especially for the warm welcome :) SO SWEET!


Kath said...

I used to go to Qdoba in college and eat a whole quesadilla with chips - mmmmmmmmm!!! You're smart to order naked :)

Have a great weekend! See you Sunday.

Laura said...

Thanks for your answer!

What is your favorite fitness magazine and what is your favorite magazine in general?

Also, I noticed you like dates a lot are they like prunes? I've never had them.

p.s. your honeymoon looks like it will be AMAZING!

Laura said...

oh just to add, there are two laura's posting (I'm the one from the morning post, not the honeymoon post)

Anonymous said...


My favorite fitness magazine is Women's Health. I also like Shape, Fitness, Oxygen, and Self.

I love dates! It's kind of a weird obsession, actually. Dates and prunes are a little different. Dates are soft, sweet, and a little sticky. From what I remember about prunes, they have a different type of sweetness. To be honest, I haven't had a prune in awhile... but I can tell ya that dates are wonderful! :)

Cara said...

That looks great. I am jealous. I wish there was a place like that near me!

Lindsay said...

mmm, we have a similar place near me called moe's and i'm hooked! looks delish :)

Kootz said...

Are dates better for you than figs?

Anonymous said...

happy easter! I came by your blog by way of katheats. I'm on the Cape/used to work at Harvard too! G'luck with your studies/nutrition. Nice looking site! -Kim