Friday, March 7, 2008

Pre-Tasting Lunch

My lunch was bigger than usual today, but I am hoping that it holds me over until 7:00 tonight when the tasting starts. I worked a half day today because with the traffic and time it takes to pick up our parents and get to New Hampshire, where our reception site is located, we'll need to hit the road around 3:00 to make it on time.

It was so nice eating lunch at home today; much more enjoyable than in the office! Lunch today was a repeat of last night's dinner (and the night before): spaghetti squash with marina and sauteed mushrooms. That single squash has lasted 3 meals already, and there are still leftovers!

We had a few grape tomatoes in the fridge that were about to go bad, so I added them to my lunch to finish them off.

All together... are we sick of this placemat yet?

I also had some Fage with chocolate chips and 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract. I thought the vanilla would sweeten it up, but it really didn't. I ended up adding a half packet of Splenda as well. The combo of chocolate chips, vanilla extra, and Splenda was excellent! It was almost like eating chocolate chip frozen yogurt!

Quick FYI: I probably won't post until Sunday; I have such a busy weekend! We have the tasting tonight, and then bright and early tomorrow morning, I am going shopping with my mom and sister to find my mom her "Mother of the Bride" dress as well as find me shoes and maybe a veil. (I'm still undecided on the veil; not sure if I want to wear one or not.) After shopping on Saturday, Mal and I are going to dinner with his parents and then to the Hasty Pudding show at Harvard. (We go every year, and it's a blast!) Immediately after the show, I am heading into the city to celebrate my friend's (also one of my bridesmaids) birthday. It's going to be madness! Sunday will be well worth the wait though, especially with all of the photos from the tasting, including photos of lots of wedding cake! Oh, boy!

P.S. While posting, I made myself a piece of Ezekel toast with peanut butter. I felt like I needed a little more to eat... or maybe I'm just warming up my stomach for later! :)


ashley said...

Good luck with everything this weekend! I can't wait to see all of the cake pictures.

Romina said...

I hate it when I have to fix my eating for an event, it's so tough! Good luck and have a blast tonight!

Jen said...

Where's your reception site? Mine was in NH, too! :)

hhif said...

I can't believe you are making us wait ALL weekend for the pictures. Boo!

Lindsay said...

Enjoy your tasting!!!! Eat tonight because they say once the big day comes you won't get a chance to eat hehe :)

VeggieGirl said...

Looks like you picked a great lunch to fuel you, until the main event - that amazing cake-tasting!! I cannot WAIT to see pictures!!

enjoy your Saturday :0)

Cara said...

I am trying spaghetti squash for my first time this week! woo hoo! Good luck with the wedding plans! Sounds exciting!