Monday, March 24, 2008

Lacking Fruits and Vegetables

I arrived home to a kitchen with not a single fruit or vegetable in it! Not even a bag of frozen veggies! Mal and I both have plans tonight, so we scheduled our grocery shopping for tomorrow... which made tonight's dinner kind of pathetic. I decided to mix some of the Pumpkin Maple Carob Chip Bread that I baked this morning with a container of Fage Greek yogurt. Not the healthiest meal, but not the worst... at least the bread had pumpkin in it, which is considered both a fruit and a vegetable (depending on who you ask). One thing is for sure-- dinner was FILLING! I am totally stuffed now! The pumpkin bread mixed with the protein-packed Fage is really sitting heavy in my stomach. I think this combo will keep me satisfied all night long. 

I'm off to a much-needed facial tonight. The pores on my nose and chin are so clogged! Ewww! Sorry to be gross! I'm trying to get a facial every month until the wedding, so that my skin looks fantastic for the big day. I'm really looking forward to this facial because I've been stressed lately... obviously with work and wedding planning, but I also have a lot on my mind. I'm one of those people who worries and worries, even though I know it accomplishes nothing. Anyway, I am obviously psyched for an hour of relaxation... and clean pores! 


Anonymous said...

Is that all your eating today? Are you not starving?

sarah c. said...

oh, tina, you make me feel so much better about mixing plain yogurt with blueberry muffins last night because i couldnt come up with anything else for dessert =) thanks for that!! i love to see it when other people eat unorthodox combinations, now i know i'm not alone!

ashley said...

Laugh at me because I don't know much about real facials, but what kind do you get? I'd love to eventually get one myself!

Have fun tonight- and tomorrow. Grocery shopping is my favorite thing to do! (You can laugh at me for that one, too!)

Lindsay said...

yay for clean pores!

Anonymous said...

Great improvisation!! Sorry to hear you're out of fruits & veggies, I hate it when that happens, so I always make sure I have a well-stocked freezer (or use it as an excuse to go grocery shoping, hehe).

Anonymous - You seem to be popping up on numerous blogs making various accusations without any real basis. If you would scroll down the blog's page you would see she clearly ate breakfast and lunch.

Anonymous said...


I got the European facial with an enzyme tonight. They use steam to open your pores and clean them out. It was soooo relaxing... I actually kept falling asleep during it!

I love grocery shopping too! I could spend hours checking out new products!


Your comment made me laugh out loud! Yay, clean pores! :)


You never have to worry about me eating enough. I love to eat, and do a lot of it daily! :)

Betsy said...

pumpkin bread is surely making the blog rounds right now! and calling out my name, I must say.

Living to Feel Good said...

My husband and I went shopping today. There is nothing better than a fully stocked kitchen!

VeggieGirl said...

that pumpkin bread looks phenomenal - great way to get some produce ;0) hope you're able to fill up your kitchen with fresh produce a.s.a.p.!

hope that your facial was relaxing and rejuvenating! :0)

hk said...

haha, pumpkin bread and fage, haha-that's my kind of meal, seriosly..those are HANDS DOWN, my two all time FAVORITE foods! I would eat that for dinner any time you made that for me :) enjoy the facial, they're the best!