Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Already?

I'm having trouble believing it is Monday already... it didn't even feel like I had a weekend! With Daylight Savings and the amount of stuff I packed in over the last couple of days, 10:00 PM Sunday night totally crept up on me! I'm so not ready to start this work week! Ugh.

Miraculously, I made it to the gym this morning. I set my alarm for 5:30, and surprisingly, didn't have any trouble getting out of bed... especially since it was "really" 4:30 because of Daylight Savings. After 2 Olive Oil Cake muffins (post coming soon), I lifted my chest and triceps for 30 minutes then cycled on the bike for another 30 minutes. I'm not much of a biker (I'd much rather do spinning), but I needed a change this morning. Neither the treadmill or elliptical seemed exciting to me, so the bike it was!

Breakfast was pumpkin bulgar with almond slices. This meal could be my absolute favorite breakfast! I loved everything about it... the warm mushy bulgar, pumpkin flavor, and crunchy almond slices! Delish! I was so full after finishing my bowl, but I honestly could have eaten more. It was THAT delicious!

With my pumpkin bulgar, I ate a sliced pear...

All together from above...

2 Olive Oil Cake muffins: ~100
1/4 cup (dry) bulgar: 160
1/4 cup pumpkin: 40
1/8 cup almond slices: 70
1 pear (large): 120
Coffee w/ H&H: 40
Breakfast total: 530


Cara said...

Looks like quite the tasty breakfast to help you into adjusting to the "spring forward"

carl said...

I would LOVE to see your olive oil muffins recipe. I also love the workout routines that you have posted up!

Lindsay said...

I agree with your comment about the weekend flying by... Luckily there is one coming up right around the corner! four days until Friday hehe :-)

Glad to see your tasting was fun!

VeggieGirl said...

actually, the new week couldn't have come quicker for me, since the snow here over the weekend was so awful - but the time difference is definitely messing everything up for me, haha.

wow, that pumpkin bulghur looks phenomenal!! yum!! and perfectly balanced with that granny smith apple - yum!

Emma said...

yay carrots and cake is back on board!! I missed not being able to open your blog, let alone read it!! and im so so glad you took pictures of the tasting! That looks like so much fun...and so much yummy food! That must be so exciting to plan your big day!

As for your scrumptious looking breakfast....I have been dying to try pumpkin in my oatmeal! Just havent had a chance to pick up more cans of it.

Have a great Monday Tina!!!

Andrea said...

what a unique combination!! sounds delicious... just wondering, do you use libby's canned pumpkin? how much is best for flavor?

i also have a case of the mondays grr. at least you worked out already... i'm so glad your blog is back running too, i check it daily :D

Bev said...

How did you make the pumpkin bulgar ? It looks so good.