Thursday, March 6, 2008

Working Lunch

I worked through lunch again today. I have lots to do, but I am also taking a 1/2 day tomorrow, so I need to make up the hours somewhere. (I'm leaving early tomorrow to go to a "Bridal Preview" at our wedding reception site. We get to taste all of the potential foods and cakes for our menu!)

Lunch today was a ham and swiss cheese sandwich with a "salad" of brussels sprouts, grape tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, pressed garlic, and balsamic vinegar. We didn't have a great selection of veggies in our fridge, but I wanted to include them in my lunch somehow, so this is what I came up with. My "salad" turned out alright, but it needs something... maybe some spices and/or feta to jazz-it-up next time. It was a little too bland for me.

And of course, dessert: chocolate-covered figs! Delish times 10! (Haha, how dorky!)


Emma said...

Ahh that bridal food tasting sounds like soo much fun! Please take pictures of all of the delish yummies!

And a ham and cheese sammy sounds good! What kind of ham do you buy?

Karen said...

That salad LOOKS great! I love all the colors. I always like a salty flavor on my brussel sprouts...maybe capers with the feta would be good.

Lindsay said...

Enjoy the tasting! We had our tasting in November and it was so good ~ I was lucky I worked out & did a lot of walking that day because it was SOOO much food!

Your "salad" looks great & colorful... I never thought of the combos that you do, very creative!

Tina said...


I buy Boar's Head deli ham. I think it is the "deluxe" or "premium" version... something like that. It's very, very good!


Oooh, capers and feta! Love the idea!

VeggieGirl said...

chocolate-covered figs... I think that those may have the chocolate-covered apricots beat! :0)

hhif said...

Is it bad that I've considered wanting get married just so I can have an excuse to taste tons of wedding cakes?