Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Apricot Almond Oat Bran

Good morning! I slept in today... and good thing I did because I am so incredibly sore from doing free weights the last 2 days. I typically don't lift weights on consecutive days, but I didn't feel any soreness yesterday after lifting my legs and triceps the day before. I did a chest and biceps workout yesterday morning, and woah, super soreness has set in all over my body! Getting out of bed was a chore today! I'll probably take today off from working out... or maybe just take a nice, leisurely walk with Mal this evening. It's supposed to be semi-warm weather today! :)

Breakfast this morning was sliced dried apricots with almond slices and a squirt of sugar-free maple syrup. I wasn't sure how the dried apricots would taste mixed with the oat bran, but the heat from the microwave made them soft, gooey, and sweet.

Up close...

From above...

At work, I made a soy milk misto... and grabbed a Girl Scout cookie to enjoy with it. I love the combination of coffee and cookies for breakfast. I have a recipe for "breakfast cookies" that maybe I should make soon! Happy Hump Day!

1/3 cup dry oat bran: 100
6 dried apricots: 80
1/8 cup (+ end of bag) sliced almonds: 90
1/8 cup sf maple syrup: 15
Adora disk: 30
Soy milk misto: 80
Cookie: 30
Breakfast total: 425


fodie818 said...

tina... just out of curiosity, do you find yourself trying to eat less on days you don't work out? or do you figure that it all just evens out?

Kristen said...

I would love your "breakfast cookie" recipe. If you make it soon, please do post! I love coffee and pastry of any kind in the morning. So comforting, warm, and delicious! And if that pastry happens to be good (or just not-totally-horrible) for you, all the better! :-)

Anonymous said...


What kind of peanut butter do you use? Do you get salted or unsalted? Creamy or crunchy?

runroamrecycle said...

hah good to hear you guys have semi-warm weather in Boston! It's 33 right now =[

That soup from last night looks SO good!

Gretchen said...

I just discovered your blog thru Kath's, and I'm addicted! I love the balance you show in life, eating healthily yet not afraid to splurge on a great dessert! You're an inspiration! One question, how do you make your soy milk mistos? Do you have an espresso machine where you can froth the milk? I tried making one yesterday morning, and it tasted terrible. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

Tina said...


I typically eat the same amount of calories each day. If I am planning to splurge (dinner out, cocktails, etc.), I'll make sure I fit in a workout at some point that day.


Here's the recipe for "Rise and Shine Cookies" aka the "breakfast cookies." I used to make these all the time. They are delicious and good for you! :)


I use Teddie Old Fashioned Chunky (or Super Chunky) peanut butter. In my opinion, it's the best brand out there! I also sometimes buy the fresh ground peanut butter from Idylwilde Farm. (I'm sure they sell it at Whole Foods too). I love the consistency!

Tina said...


I make the lazy-woman's misto: pour 1/2 soy milk and 1/2 coffee into a mug. The cold soy milk cools down the coffee, so then I nuke the whole mug in the microwave for about 30 seconds. At home, sometimes I will heat the soy milk before I mix it with the coffee, but it pretty much tastes the same. I wish we had an espresso machine to steam the soy milk, but it still tastes pretty good without it.

VeggieGirl said...

sounds like you definitely needed the extra sleep, and a day off from working out - kudos for listening to your body! hope your sore muscles heal soon!

oooh, I like the addition of dried apricots & almond slices to the oat bran - yum!

arimcg said...

Cookies and coffee is THE best combo!

Kristen said...

Thanks for posting the Rise-and-Shine Cookiee recipe link, Tina. I'm going to make these ASAP! They're right up my alley! :-)