Friday, April 4, 2008

Breakfast 1, Breakfast 2

Yay, Friday! I am so incredibly excited for this weekend! I am getting my hair cut and highlighted tonight, and then Mal and I are off to Washington, DC to visit some friends until Monday. (Two of the three friends are in our wedding, so obviously we are psyched to see them!) The end of the work day cannot come soon enough!!!!!

I had to be at work super early this morning to help with an Admitted Student Open House, which meant that I needed to eat breakfast even earlier than usual. I had a bowl of oat bran with banana, almond slices, and brown sugar around 6:45 am. I'm surprised that I could even eat this early... actually, that's a lie. I can always eat!

Mal was still at home getting ready for work when I woke up. I offered to make him some oat bran as well, but instead he took a bagel with cream cheese, a banana, and some iced coffee to go-- just in case you're interested in hearing about Mal's breakfast too.

When the morning session of the Open House was finished, there was plenty of leftover food for the staff. I grabbed a raisin bran muffin and a pear to eat as a 2nd breakfast around 11:00... I guess it could also be considered lunch, right? I'm satisfied now, but I'm not sure if this 2nd breakfast/snack will hold me over all afternoon. I haven't had a single vegetable all day, so I'll probably hit the salad bar in a couple of hours.

Muffin and pear with a cup of coffee... love free food!


Silvertone's was a blast last night! I met our friends around 6:00. Mal was running late and there was a short wait for a table, so we decided to grab a drink and wait at the bar. (I ordered iced water-- boring, but I was so thirsty!) Mal arrived about 20 minutes later, and the four of us were immediately seated. We decided to order a plate of fried calamari to share. The calamari was pretty standard, but it was drizzled with a yummy anchovy mayonnaise and served with a spicy dipping sauce, both of which were delicious. The appetizer was a very generous portion; the four of us barely made a dent in it. As an entree, I ordered the Summer Salad-- greens with goat cheese, pine nuts, golden raisins, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette on the side. I probably should have ordered it with chicken because it really didn't fill me up-- it was mostly ALL greens. I also had a glass of Chardonnay with dinner. There was a ton of conversation and laughing at dinner, and we were having such a good time catching up, so we decided to order another round of drinks after we finished our meals. Around 9:30, Mal and I decided to call it a night because we both had to wake up bright and early this morning.

I'm a big fan of Silvertone's! The food was well above average and the prices were extremely reasonable, especially for downtown Boston. Silvertone's is also easily assessable from our apartment and where we work, so I'm sure we'll be going there again real soon. This restaurant/bar is definitely a new favorite!

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Jessica said...

Hi Tina!

I've been reading for a bit but have never posted. When I read your post about DC, I had to leave a comment! I live in DC and you must go see the Cherry Blossoms this weekend! They are so beautiful and it is so much fun to walk around the monuments and look at them. I think it is going to rain tomorrow, but Sunday is looking good. Enjoy your time here :)

meghanN said...

If you don't mind me asking, what college do you work for? I am only asking because I attend college in the Boston area and our open houses are this weekend as well! It would be so fun if you actually worked for my school because I read your blog every day and love it!!!! =)

loveofoats said...

yay for free food... always a good thing right, especially if you can make good choices!

hope you have a great weekend trip away ;)

azelma said...

I tend to hate free food, it's like "oh goodie, must take lots!!!" hahaha! May I add you to my blog roll?